Thursday, April 29, 2004

Well... I stayed up until almost 1:00AM last night knitting up my first strawberry baby hat (6-mo sized).
It's cute. I don't know any babies - so I think I will add it to my things to sell at the Fremont Market.

Tonight I went to the Eastside SNB - only me and Bonnie. We really need a better turn out. I do like the leather couches at Starbucks though.
I also went to Hancock fabric to return sz 13 circ needles and got some more Kool Wool for my sample for my next sweater.
I got back to the office and my Smiley's Yarns order showed up. See all the yarn I got today!

I got home and after telling myself NOT to - I started my first sock. The yarn is just so pretty!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Before I talk about new projects... here is my Rebecca wrap progress:

OK- I am a crazy woman!! I bought MORE yarn today. Ben Franklin in Redmond has woken up and got yarn of other varieties than acrylic. They even have Lamb's Pride! I got some pretty mohair for a loose scarf.

My Cascade came in the mail (FINALLY!) from Webs Yarn. I wish the pink was lighter, but it will do. I'm going to get some cream to add a stripe with the maroon - for the Sophie bag.

I also got Lion's brand Wool Ease for the strawberry baby-hat - it will be so cute.
Today at lunch (at work) I helped 2 ladies learn to knit. What fun.

Last night I got past the first arm hole in my Rebecca wrap - it is so long and I'm not even 1/2 way! It will be goreous though. A friend at work is excited to see the results, so that has motivated me to work hard on it.

I also got my Cascade 220 yarn in the mail today. NOw I can make some felted handbags to sell at the Fremont Sunday market. I'm shooting for July 25th.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I just posted my photos from sailing this weekend!
SNB was fun last night. I neglected my shapely tank and started a new quick project. The bikini from Knitty.
I ALMOST finished it just now, but I ran out of yarn. I think it will be VERY cute though. I am testing it out as a sample for a friend who wants one. This may be better than the one from the SNB book..

After knitting - I AM ALWAYS THE LAST TO LEAVE! - we went to Chapel. I've heard of it, but never have been in - it was very posh. We had super tasy infused vodka drinks. I had Honeydew, Nic had Lavendar and Gannon had Hibiscus. I just found a coupon online today for $25 off a meal - I'll have to check it out again.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

No knitting since Friday night before bed. I've been sailing ALL weekend. Saturday I was at the dock at 8AM for a 35 mile race (we came in 3rd) and after that Julie, Eric and I went onto ANOTHER sailboat to go the the WYC Snooze N Cruise at Blake Island.
I am a little sun/wind burned but after going from a racing boat to a fancy cruiser - today was no problem.
Check out the photos :)

I will work on my Rebecca wrap tonight. I Just bound off for the first arm hole Friday night.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Oh my - this is bad... I just conned myself into going home to knit INSTEAD of working out tonight... what am I thinking??

No. now that I'm writing this - I'm not going to let myself skip aerobics! I'm not that weak!

I've gotten myself into another project. This one looks cool- I hope I'm not getting myself in too deep.
I usually don't like shawls, but this one is special because it has seaguls, trees, sandollars, water and fishies.
Pattern: Pacific Northwest Shawl $5

Yarn:Zephyr Wool/Silk

This will be a good challenge.
I've gotten myself into another project. This one looks cool- I hope I'm not getting myself in too deep.

Yarn:Zephyr Wool/Silk

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

see Shapely Tank BLOG for my 4/20/04 blog.

Lovely time last night at the SNB-purlygirls at the El Diablo cafe. I had THE BEST smoothie ever: Strawberry, Mango, Lime. Oh YUM!

I am on the decreases (12" from the bottom) on my shapely tank. Ergg.. I need to order more yarn still! I am also HOPING it fits!

I restrained myself from purchasing yarn to make another sweater (it was even on sale) I wanted Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Super Chunky. I hope to find it that cheap again ($10/skein) when I can responsibly purchase it. I think I can do that after I finish my Rosedale sweater with Noro yarn that I splurged on. I am also happy to have heard the idea of washing my wool in some hair conditioner to soften it up. It makes sense.

Last night when I got home, I decided to try out Reversible 2-color knitting. It worked after several attempts and then I messed up a row. I don't think it's worth the time it takes to do it. I would have to practice a lot to not have to think about it so much. I was hoping to make a star pattern that would be pretty to post - but I don't think it's going to happen. I'm glad i tried. That's what's good about library books have a due date- they get you motivated to do it before you have to return it.

I used my flower washcloth this morning and realize that the yarn really should be cotton NOT the acrylic I used. I kind of drags on my face and isn't super luxurious. Now what to do with the left over yarn? Maybe I'll do that critter donation blanket deal - that looks like a good cause.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Let's see, I've been sailing all weekend (CYC PSSR)- so didn't get to knit much - but I'm excited to be at the SNB on Monday night - not sure what project to bring- I'm afraid I might not keep my gauge nice if I bring my Shapely tank, the yarn shows gauge variation. I guess I'll work on my Rebecca Wrap.
I also finished a cute hand bag for my rommate for her birthday, I hope she uses it someday. I was very excited about the button I found-it's a shell. The handles seemed twisted from the sides, so when I blocked it I basted in the position I wanted it to dry in and also laid it closed like a paper bag folded.


Friday, April 16, 2004

I am almost 7 inches into my shapeley tank with the circular needles. Oy joy!

Tonight I am relieved of going to a "reception" to claim a "prize (a free trip to Cancun) that I "won"
I decided to ditch it. It was a little odd...

AND - I don't know if I'm racing this weekend yet!! The sailboat must not be ready if I haven't heard yet...

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Tuesday night I went to the Eastside Stitch N Bitch. I thought I was going to be the only one there - but I didn't realize that it starts at 6:30 not 6...

A guy showed up and showed off his complicated sweater. Then another girl came. It was fun - I got a lot done on my Rebecca Wrap & made some errors also, luckily they are not noticable and I will try to restrain myself from pointing them out to people when they look at the finished product. I have a hard time not blurting out the defects. WHy is that?

At Lunchtime yesterday I had my first knitting meet up with co-workers in the lunchroom. We had 3, one getting lessons from the other. I am excited. It will be every Wednesday at 12:30. Horray!

Last night I spent the evening trucking away at the shapely tank in addition to a full hour this morning before work.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

My new sailing friend Arianna had commissioned me to knit her a bikini top.
She will look great in it of course.

I just posted my knitting needle inventory online :)
Needles LINK
I've decided to frog my "Shapely Tank" I am instead going to use the pattern as a basis to replicate a tank top I own already. I also am going to knit it in the round. I am happy about the idea of not purling 160 stitches per row.
I finished the Sophie purse for my rommate for her B-day (april 21) but I need to felt it.

I sewed all the loose threads into my flower washcloth.

I also have a photo of my poppy that I finished.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Horray! I can host my own photos! I have my own site:

So...I almost recruited my friend Michelle Friday night into spending lots of $$ on yarn - but since the yarn selection wasn't what was what she wanted.. I stopped her from the splurge. She's decided to make the Sophie bag in a really pretty red Cascade yarn.
I felted the flower petals from "Perky Poppy Pins"
I am nearly done with my blue mohair snowflake scarf (been working on since new years eve)
I am towards the middle of my first flower washcloth.
I am 1/2 done with the Sophie purse.

Oh yeah - Ryan's toes were helping me knit this morning :)

Friday, April 09, 2004

This morning I bought MORE yarn and needles. I got a cream colored yarn to go inside the washcloth flowers I started. The main color is a varigated purple/blue and it needs an accent. They (Michael's) didn't have a good yellow. Also they had 50% of one item today - luckily I got it even though I didn't clip the coupon. That's what happens when I read the news online instead of getting dirty paper everyday.

I find the more needles I own - the more projects I get to have going at the same time. I hope to finish 2-3 projects in the next week.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

I got home today and started the flower wash cloth from "Weekend Knitting"
Last night I started the Sophie purse - after I got home from knitting in Seattle with SNB - beginning the shapely tank.

That makes 3 new projects started in 24 hours.

Oh my....

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Today I got a box of yarn in the mail and knitted in my car at lunch AND got the Weekend Knits Book that I can wait to get started on. Counting the hours until I finish work, aerobics and get to knit again.

Version: 1.1

KRC+ Exp+ SPM++ Pl+ AddiT Bam Wool++ Lux+ Cot Stash+>++ Scale+ Fin Ent? Int Lace+ Felt+$ Flat circ DPN Swatch- KIP SNB EZ? FO15 WIP5>2 B Wt Dk+ S F- Cr- Q X- Em-- SW+ !Wv !Sp

Today is my first BLOGGER post. Voila!