Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Last night I made these mini cupcakes for a baby shower at work today. They are from a green tea cake mix from Trader Joe's. I liked them a lot, but they seemed a little dense for cake, maybe my eggs didn't have as much liquid as needed.

I love the print I bought for my craft room. It really sets the style I want. I haven't hung anything up on the walls of the craft room yet, I'm still figuring out how it's all going to fit together. Tonight I sewed strings of paper dots and have started draping them around. They're pretty fun. I think I'll take some to work to habg in my ofice window to the hallway, we never got around to putting up a curtain.

I got registered for a scooter training class today for the first weekend in March, so I'll be legal in no time!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Look what I got from Jesper for my birthday!! A Vespa ET4. Wow! It was such a big surprise. Yesterday Jesper was insisting we go furniture shopping in South Seattle and was searching for this certain special store he had looked up. We drove up to a Scooter shop and went in to have a look. He looked at a scooter sitting on the sideway and said "How do you like it?" It's your new scooter! It was actually the scooter service shop and he had it in for a tune up after he'd bought it on Craig's list. He drove it behind me back to Bellevue over I-90 while I kept my car on 45 mph cruise control. Today I gave it a whirl around the neighborhood and I think I have the hang of it so far. I can make a u-turn without putting my feet down.
Tonight I went out with friends to Trader Vic's and had a great dinner and conversation. Tomorrow is really my 30th birthday, but it's going to be a busy day at work, so its great to get started early celebrating!

We have picked up several pieces of furniture for the house this weekend. We were on our way to Dania to buy a new couch for downstairs and there was an estate sale a half block from our house, so we stopped by. We ended up coming home with a big white leather sectional for $125! The downside is that we had to scrub it with leather cleaner and it has a musty smell we are really hoping clears up in a few weeks. It looks good though and it nice to have a couch rather than lawnchairs for a change.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dots! I've been sewing together these paper dots for decoration. They'll be draped around at my party and then maybe in my craft room or my office window at work. They were super easy to make, I just got a huge circle punch and some scrapbooking paper that is colored on both sides and went at it.

Monday, February 12, 2007

We've only got 1 more room left to hammer in the wood flooring. My craft room can be occupied as soon as we get the floor moulding up. Here is another photo of the kitchen, lots of ity bitty details still to work out, but it's working out very well.

I started a new baby sweater. It may end up so fiddly and complicated since it's all cables and there is no chart. I'm finally through row 3 of the back past the ribbing, hopefully it will get better.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I've been bad at blogging. Sorry!

This past weekend we went sailing with some good sailing friends. It was a great time, even when it started raining. We stayed at Eagle Harbor; I visited Churchmouse yarns and resisted buying anything since my projects are all in slo-mo right now. While there, I saw a nice sweater and have been inspired to design my own sweater very soon.

I did manage to finish my Anemoi mitten after ripping back so it wouldn't be so long. Last Wednesday while at my knitting group, I came to realize that the hat will be way too huge, so it has been re-assigned to be lengthened and felted into a bag. I have a feeling that my washing machine is going to have strong felting action, so I'll have to really keep an eye on it so it doesn't turn into a tiny purse. It wou;d be nice to whip up another pair of fuzzy feet for myself at home to felt at the same time.

The kitchen is up and running and all the kitchen boxes are unpacked and the plumbing is fully functioning thanks to AMAZING JESPER. I am pretty happy the the strategy of the food/tool locations in the work area. Like the tea in the cupboard right next to the stove. And the baking stuff the the drawers directly below the work space where a cake would be mixed up. The place that is the hardest to stowe items is the lazy susan base cabinet. Maybe that will be canned goods. The main limitation of the cabinets is a lack of shallow drawers. I think I might be able to fit a few more in our tall pantry. I haven't seen my last IKEA trip yet!