Sunday, February 22, 2009

blake island
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We're back from sailing to Blake Island, it was very relaxing. We had a steady light wind that took us straight there by spinnaker. We walked the island and heard bald eagles. Back at Shilshole Marina, we saw a bald eagle eating a fish.

We ran out of propane this morning for cooking, so we boiled eggs on the BBQ instead.

I finished the back of Jesper's sweater I am knitting, it was nice to hit a milestone.

Tonight we made fresh spaghetti pasta for dinner, it went really well and I'm glad Jesper pushed to make a double batch. I set some noodles aside for lasagna. It's all drying on the back of the dining chairs now. We'll need some drying rack system if we do this more. Chairs work pretty well for now it seems.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not a lot going on here, I am still knitting on my two projects I showed before. I just have the hood left on the baby sweater. I ran out of green, so the stripes are varied, but still look good.
I am making some more progress on long stalled house projects. I got some tiles cut, we varnished some chairs tonight and were ready to do some Beadex. It's also been a while since we went sailing and we're going to head out this weekend. Hopefully no rain.
Last weekend we checked out the South Bellevue Community Center and were very impressed. We used their indoor climbing wall and had a good time and passed the belay test. It's a cheaper option for beginning rock climbing compared to the other places around.
I am really looking forward to warmer temperatures coming! It will make my commute so much better. Last night my Vespa lost it's omph on the way home. Today it's getting fixed. It's looking to be a dirty carborator problem at this point.

Oh and the last bit of news, I've officially changed my name to Diana Lind. No more Safeway checkers are going to have to ask me if I'm related to Bill Gates!