Thursday, May 27, 2004

okey dokey, I went to the Eastside SNB tonight and it was more successful than past events I think. Everyone there was interested in coming/carpooling to Seattle for the Monday nights at Capitol Club. Oy joy!

I snapped some photos of what's up...

A baby hat to sell...I call it "Baby Blue"

My Rebecca wrap is soooooo.... close. I need to block the sleeves tonight.

I talked to a loan office today and I am going to get ready to learn all about the world of home buying. I'm not excited about "interviewing" real estate agents. I hope to be in my own condo by the end of the year. Horray! I will stay in Bellevue, it's my crib. (Actually I can't stand the thought of commuting further that 15 minutes from work.)

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

We are re-grouping!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

I just went to Skeins! and was hoping to buy the Rowan cotton book so I could use the Smooch pattern but they don't have it. But I DID get my dream tape measure!

They have a big basket of Debbie Bliss Cotton Silk Aran for $4 ea BUT that would still make they sweater I want to make (LoTech Sweat) $100. Oh well.. Not like I need to get that going soon since I have all these other projects started.

I ordered a bunch more Cascade 220 from today before their sale was over. I got yarn to make handbags with some cute charts I got from the Betrix Potter Knitting book. A bee and a ladybug.
I am in a state of confusion.... our Yahoo group Stitch n Bitch - Purlygirls "no longer exists!"

I don't know what's going on? I was there lastnight...

Monday, May 24, 2004

I was just looking through my bookmarked pages and noticed my European vacation photos. Ahh memories...

Ryan & I went abroad September 2003 for 3 weeks and visited:
Cinque Terre
I've given Arianna her bikini top!

Here it is close up.

I also got a photo of me wearing mine - I am NOT as thin as she is!

I am getting really close to done on my Rebecca wrap. Maybe 2 weeks more? It HAS been 3 months now...

Last night I dropped my yarn needle into the couch - so today I got new needles.

I have been trying to decide on a design to put in the green handbag I'm making. I've decided to put short rows on the bottom. We'll see how it comes out after felting. It seems like a good idea, something different. I am going to make the handle hole square. I saw a cool bag (pattent leather) with a solid hole (it was round) in Las Vagas in March and I was meaning to try that look. I know - after making arm holes in a scarf that knitting a hole that looks nice isn't so likely.

I am really trying to think about stocking up for my Fremont Market attempt. Saturday I am going to Evergreen State College with a friend to make photo prints of my B&W Holga negatives. That will be fun. I'll be a darkroom machine!

I really hope to get some photos up tomorrow of my knit bikinis!

Sunday, May 23, 2004

I made ANOTHER bikini top for myself. I think this one actually fits. Now the only problem is that the swim suit hook in the back shifts. I might change this to a button? We'll see. I'll try to get a photo at SNB ;)

Today my friend Michelle and I went to the park in Ballard near the locks and sat in my super laid back recliner chairs. I knitted more of my Rebecca wrap. I am thinking of adding a tapering right angle triange at each end to make it not so tight. We'll see.

I visited my future kitty (Stella)- my nose started running -- BOO HOO.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

I finished the white bikini top Tuesday night. I have a photo - but I hope to get one of Arianna wearing it since the neck is not sewn.

I want to make myself a red one but I think I'll increase more at the beginning to make the cup larger.

Tongiht I'll be preraring food for the weekend.
Thai Chicken satay
peanut sauce
chocolate cake

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Last night I had a bellyache for 4 hours right after work - OK so I ate a WHOLE bag of microwave popcorn in 10 minutes... But I still went to SNB - I couldn't resist! Just sitting in one place for a long time helped it pass less noticed than if I was laying quietly on a couch. Yes - knitting is theraputic!

I'm pretty much done with the first breast of the white bikini I'm making for Arianna. I was hoping to finish tonight, but I got to go to the "Shrek 2" sneak preview, so... tomorow night it will be done. It was REALLY funny - better than I expected.

I think I need to dabble in making the perfect bikini for girls with C-D size cups. I am going to do a little research on boobie short rows this summer. This is my quest.


Saturday, May 15, 2004

Last night I did the 2nd arm hole on my Rebecca wrap. I am on the home stretch and it feels good.

My Denise Interchangeable needle kit came today!! Friday I also ended up buying the LoTech hoodie pattern from ChicKnits. It's so cute. I will make it...someday.

Today I sailed with the class on the Hobie Bravo. It was fun, but my legs are really tierd. I wish sailing didn't make me so exhausted! It's cutting into my social life.

This week I am going to get Arianna's white cotton bikini done. I have the chest strap done already.

Friday, May 14, 2004

I've been pretty good about buying yarn this week. I just ordered the Denise Interchangable needles from Ebay and today I went to the Ben Franklin Warehouse sale. I only got 1 ball of yarn. I had 4 other of a ribbon type yarn, but decided that I wouldn't like it. The price wasn't THAT good.

Last night I met with my Italian friend Arianna, who is paying me to make her a white cotton knit bikini top. Where she lives, it would be OK to wear to work! We talked about how the nude beaches are normal there, UNLIKE here where you'll be arested. Someday I'll go topless on an Italian beach. Why not!?

This weekend I'll be teaching sailing, so harly any knitting we be done.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Tonight I finished my silly sailing pants. The idea came from seeing sailboats all over the clothes at Anthropologie, BUT of course Pacific Fabrics would never sell fabric that cool. So... I got this gaudy fabric and made capris. I think the red ribbon is the icing on the cake. I like them a lot and will wear them on my sailing vacation in June. My friend Michelle is almost done with hers, but it is her first sewing project, so I she is slow. I could finish them for her, but I want them to be hers.

I used Butterick 3460 - and altered the pockets. Whee!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I skipped out on the Eastside SNB group tonight and had Christine over (from Purlygirls). I made really really good vegan blueberry brownies.
We had a great time watching Sex in the City (season 4, v.1). So fun!
I finished my pair of socks! The heel turned out much better on the 2nd sock, since I ready the directions closer.

I got more yarn today in the mail from Smileys yarns and had to take a photo of my stash. Oh sigh...

Monday, May 10, 2004

I just found this link. I am going to be a TA this weekend to teach UW yacht club members how to sail these boats. Hobie Bravos

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Last night I stayed up really late (almost 1:30AM) finishing this hand bag that I will felt.

Today I cleaned the shower for probably 1 hour. It still needs more help- but I think it looks better after the cleaning neglect my rommate and I have inflicted.

This afternoon Michelle came over and had me help her with picking up stitches around her bag that she is knitting and plans to felt. I worked on sock #2 and am past the heel.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Hmm, let's see.

I went to my parent's house in Tumwater today to rescue my first ever sweater. Actually, I've taken a photo of it and I think I am going to take it to the Goodwill...
I made it my Freshman year of high school. It was a pattern from my how-to-knit booklet. I feel bad getting rid of it because I think the yarn must have cost $80 but I think I did get some wear out of it from the look of the pilling of the yarn. The sweater is just too roomy in general and my favorite color is no longer forest green.
The neck is so big because my Cousin said not to knit it too tight and I knitted it too loose.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Hmm... last night I turned on my PC and immediately got the sasser worm/virus. Bleh.

Luckily I work at a software company where I can just yell across the hall and get the files on a memory stick I need to take home and cure my computer. Yeah!

Oh yeah - I went the the Weaving Works sale! Got wool to make a fun Union Jack flag felted bag. Not like I need a bag...maybe someone will buy it.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

I returned my knitted embelishments book to the library and got a new book- Nautical children's sweaters. I am going to use it for the cute sailboat charts. No project in mind yet. There's also a chart for the Union Jack, so I think in the future I'll make a fun UK felted flag bag. It'll be hot AND will match my Paul Frank wallet.
Last night was another SNB at the Capitol Club. I had a very tasty pizza and a Lemon Drop martini. YUM!
I worked on my #2 sock until I ran out of yarn from the 1st skein. I didn't bring the other skein on purpose. Then I finished my "Valentine scarf."

Then I worked on my Rebecca wrap. I'm a good girl, I haven't forgotten about my biggest project going.

I really want to get started on taking some nice photos of my stuff.

Back to work!

Monday, May 03, 2004

I am dreaming of joining the knitting blog webring....will it happen? We will see!
Good grief! It's Monday and I've ordered more yarn! (

BUT I really do need it ;)

For a baby blanket for an un concieved mystery child:
Wendy Peter Pan Baby Yarn Color : Soft Cream
Wendy Peter Pan Baby Yarn Color : Baby Pink
Wendy Peter Pan Baby Yarn Color : Soft Lemon
Wendy Peter Pan Baby Yarn Color : Baby Mint

For an accent to my socks:
Cervinia Calzetteria Color : Capri (907)

For hot bikini tops for sale:
Reynolds Cantata Color : Platinum
Grignasco Mexico Color : White

For simple loose knit scarf that I ran out of yarn on:
Paris Mohair Color : Natural

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Yesterday was the Purlygirls Picknit at Madison Park Beach. It was a marathon day of knitting. I actually knit from 11:00 AM - 11:00PM.

At about 2PM Cathy and I met up with Nic to continue knitting and we hung out at the Top Pot. Then we ordered Indian Food and knit more while watching Mona Lisa's Smile. I had a sock started and I workde on it all day in addition to a scarf and attempting a cable pattern for a new sweaer.
Here is my sock! I just finished it 10 minutes ago :)