Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Last night I tried Mt. Biking - the real thing - with the Luna Chix. I didn't really know quite what it would be like.

Ordinarily my cycling life has only been on or off my bike, not falling off. The girls joked about falling off - flying over handle bars, sliding, etc. Huh? OK - well we practiced riding and balancing around in cirlcles on the grass - for my sake - and then we were off. Only halfway along the edge of the field - down I went! What?! How can I fall off my bike - this doesn't happen! I wasn't even on the real trail yet.

I can tell you what happened and it makes sense, but the best part is that I didn't fall again - on the actually trail. It was steep - I jumped logs - I wheeled through mud puddles. Yes - I was initiated with dirt on my face and back.

The bad news is... when I did fall, I caught might right thumb on my shifter and now my thumb joint is enflamed :( I am hoping my swollen thumb joint is going away really soon, because now I can't knit - and maybe not pull so great on the lines while we sail away on vacation this weekend! I'm going to the Dr. today. Stay tuned.

update: not broken - can't make it to a specialist before vacation since x-rays were sent out... I'll hope for the best and the swelling will go down with positive thinking. You might have noticed - I'm typing just fine :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The time is coming where I'll run out of my 1st ball of yarn for the NW shawl, luckily I have found directions for the Russian Join! It's nice to know you can splice yarn even though it's not 100% wool.
I knit a few rows further on Crumpets - past my bedtime... and found that it us starting to tighten up. Goo thing - except my circular needle is a little too long, that's OK- I pull the slack out.

Tonight I am going to try real mountain biking. It just happens that there is a beginners ride at St. Edwards park - meeting at the same parking lot I'll be at for Innebandy. Do tonight I'll be mountain biking - then also playing floor hockey. Whoa! Jesper was kind enough to install mt. bike tires on my bike at the last minute today so I could do this, but I'm sure his motivation is so we can go together on some harder trails someday. I'm just looking forward to my own bike shorts - I am a lover of sporting accessories.

I'm going to miss Eastside stitchers tomorrow - I have to run to Issaquah - I had my photos at a gallery (see 2/1/05 post) in February and never got around to picking up the 2 that didn't sell. Maybe I'll even hang them on my wall! They are professionally framed - so that's bonus.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Here is Crumpets - I stopped at the end of row 7. This took me 3 hours!! Also, I was making the 1 year size and I think it's going to fit a 4 year old. Oh well! I think the yarn was determined to be the gauge it was made for rather than the tighter gauge the pattern gives. I don't do test swatches, and I doubt it would have mattered since I'm doing this intricate smocking pattern.

I also snapped a photo of where we meet every Monday for Purlygirls.
I figured out the picot edging last night. It works great now. I am a little nervous that I'll start this Crumpets pattern and then screw up and have to rip out, hopefully tonight - at Purlygirls, I'll get this pattern going w/o any more bumps.

Michelle, I know you don't read my blog, but you better have a girl in that belly of yours!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Here's some better photos of my shrug

I'm a little over 70% on my NW shawl now!!

I'm starting "Crumpets" tomorrow night when I can get help with the Picot Edge cast-on. I already strung on the pretty beads.

Lots done this weekend. Recaulking my shower, went to gym, washed my car - tried to harvest our camomile...

Well maybe not - I think I'll stick to store bought tea from now on. I feel for the pioneers who's crops had insects. They probably brushed them off and ate it anyway. Luckily, I don't need to and will leave the camomile we grew from tiny seeds on the dock as "pretty flowers."

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Midsummer Frog Dance Video

It may take a few minutes to load :)

Last night was pretty fun - I tried sil and it was better covered up in other flavors like scalloped potatoes :)

Aquavit is a really strong liquor that is similar to grappa and lighter fluid. Oy!

We had a nice relaxing time and ended the evening around a bonfire.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Skansen Midsummer

Tonight in Woodinville I am going to experience the Swedish traditional Midsommarfest. I'm looking forward to the maypole and the sm�grodorna (the little green frog-dance). But.... not the sill (marinated herring) - Jesper is convinced I can develop a taste for it. I tried it at a Danish dinner, and wasn't impressed. I'm sure everything else will be wonderful and amussing.

Last night Christine came over and I went through my patterns and was reispired. I made a swatch for the "boyfriend sweater" out of Sportweight Wool-Ease and it's perfect. I also realize with the gauge at 22st/4" it will take 4 months. I think this is the perfect monotonous sailing vacation sweater. No shaping on the body since it's for my man.

I also retried knitting my Carla sweater sleeves. There is hope; luckily it's knit on size 13 needles. I am not a fan of altering a pattern, but that's what I get for not using the Rowan yarn called for.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

I worked on my NW lace shawl last night - I'm at 60%! I think I'll finish the waves seciton tonight knitting with Christine.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the other waves pattern - mohair thing - it's shaping out to be the right size for a capelet - which I don't want. It won't be big enough for a wrap or a lap blanket. I'm stumped. Everyone voted for Pillow Cover last night - but that seems odd too. Jesper insists it be a skirt. Huh?!

I think I'll just put it away in the closet until winter. It IS wool!

Here it is:

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I started a new (quick) project yesterday at lunch with that wavy pattern. I am not possitive the dimensions will be ok since I only have 2 balls of the mohair. I am doubling it with some light grey from Knit Picks.
It's super soft and would be nice as a tiny lap blanket or even better - a wrap. Not sure... We'll see what I get with the one ball - if double that is OK - then I'll proceed. I guess I will have only wasted 4 hours if I rip it out.

I'll see if I can work on my NW lace shawl at Eastside Stitchers tonight. I might be able to focus... I have 4 projects with me just in case that's too complicated for knitting in public.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A Swell Yarn Shop is Open! You all better check it out!

The cool thing about this online yarn store is it's aimed at offering lower priced yarns for us who already have too much in our stash to afford a $150 sweater.

She is offering 15% now through July 4th to kick things off
Simply enter coupon code GD70505 at the bottom of your shopping page and you will get 15% off your entire purchase.
Shipping is free on any purchase over $30.00

The other cool thing is... when Angela saved enough money from her profits, she'll open up a "brick & mortar" store in Redmond where we can all hang out and knit! There isn't a yarn store in Redmond, WA yet, so help her be the first.

Monday, June 20, 2005

I worked on Marquoir Story all tonight at Purlygirls. I finished the second panel out of nine.

The botties are DONE! I will put them away for some unknown baby that will have to ber very special to recieve these booties. They were uncomfortable to knit.
I found the perfect pattern for some yarn I have no idea what to do with. Oh horray!

Instead of starting projects. I will find patterns for my stash and bundle up that project in a bag so it's ready to go when I have cut down by works in progress.
Wonderful sailing weekend. Jesper, Jen, Christine & I sailed to Eagle Harbor to visit Churchmouse Yarn shop. We spent about an hour there. I got a Fiber Trends cabled Tea Cozy pattern. Perfect for stash reduction!

Christine went home on the ferry and we spent the night at the far end of the harbor anchored. We woke up at low tide and only had 3 feet below the keel. A little too close for comfort. Next time we will have to measure depth and read the tide chart better. Eagle Harbor is neat because it has a bunch of spooky abandoned looking ships achored.

I'll post photos tonight after Purlygirls. Here are the photos of our Eagle Harbor Trip!
We got home in time to catch the end of the Fremont Fair. It was my first time. Next year I'll have to check out the parade. There was someone selling hand painted yarn, but it was out of my budget.

I'll save any yarn purchases for the next few months for the Skeins! closing sale. I sort of hope I don't find anything at all. :)

Other happy knitting news, I'm back on track with my NW lace shawl and moving forward. Unfortunately it takes 15 minutes to knit 1 row.

Friday, June 17, 2005

This weekend is an impromptu Stitch N' Cruise... we're off to Bainbridge Island - Eagle Harbor to visit Churchmouse Yarns & Teas, but really the point is sailing :)
Jesper's pretty excited he'll have 3 beautiful women as crew.
Christine has never been sailing before, so I hope she has a good time.

I almost finished my baby booties today at lunch, I just need to to the kitchener stitch. I'm not doing the zig-zag bind off like the magazine suggests. It didn't look clean. I also have gone backwards enough to the point where I can work on my NW shawl in forward motion again. I used the shawl progress calculator on Jessica's blog and found out I am 40% done.

And yes, I've been known to knit and drive...not often though!!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

One Skein Wonder - Shrug is done!

Check it out!

I didn't wear it to work today because of the air conditioning, but I'll wear it after work while I knit with Christine :) Maybe I'll finish those baby booties tonight too? I'm still in project reduction mode.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

This past weekend I taught an Intro to Sailing class at UW. It was pretty fun. Of the classes I've done, progressivly I've become more comfortable doing it.

Here are some photos from my class

It poured rain when we were on the water Saturday afternoon - but it was beautiful on Sunday. Everyone did very well. I got in some good rescue boat practice too.
Monday night I helped Jen paint her new condo guest bathroom a medium slate blue/grey. Afterwards we went to see Charle's kittens!

This is my favorite ...

These kittens are not compatible with yarn - unless you want to be attacked. THey are Norwegian Forest Cats
No Innebandy last night :(

Instead we went for a bike ride in Bellevue/Kirland/Redmond. I'm a bordertown girl. We found there are some cool bike trails off the road way! I think we did about 9 miles. I think I might convince myself to ride to work once a week in July and August. Maybe every Friday. Then I can get my carpool bonus ($25 gift certificate to REI). Then I'll just spend it on my own pair of padded bike shorts. That will make ALL the difference. I also got coaching my my gear shifting technique. I actually never learned how to shift correctly until mid-way though UW. I forgot and am learning it again.

I plan to finish my green shrug tonight at Eastside Stitchers. Yipee!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I am around half way done with my one-skein wonder shrug. I think it's going to be perfect. I will have to use more than one skein - but that's good - I only had 2 of this wierd green yarn and am happy to use it up! I was able to do the leaf motif on the middle of top back. It looks like a nice accent.

I want to finish this one right away - I feel guilty for starting another project when I was really on a project reduction path!

I got to test shop at A Swell Yarn Shop yesterday and bought black Madil Al-Seasons Cotton for "Orangina." No plans to start that project soon. I'll just shelf it with the pattern in the bag so I don't forget what the yarn was for.

Friday, June 10, 2005

I got Jesper to model the chicken...

I've also given up on my own green shrug design - so quickly! 24 hours...

I bought Glampyre's One skein wonder shrug pattern instead. I think my gauge is different, maybe that will be my learning experience.

I also purchased her Oarngina pattern. I've seen it on others online and am very interested in making it...maybe next year? To many project in line at the moment.

My next task is to find somewhere to keep my yarn without it falling down on me from the shelf. Oy!
I got my own Innebandy stick in the mail today!

There are fewer sticks in the team bag to borrow since several were broken after being stepped on in play, so I thought I'd get my own and go pro!
I went totally crazy and impulsively went to both Tuesday Morning stores on the eastside and picked out the Lion Brand yarn I wanted. It was super cheap. About $2 - 2.50 per skein.
Here is what's left at the moment. Thanks to Pam for the bargain hunting tip!

Kirkland Tuesday Morning Store

Redmond/Overlake Tuesday Morning Store

they also have packs of plastic straight needles

The newest edition to my stash!

I got 9 skeins blue & 6 skeins purple Cotton-Ease
20 skeins of sportweight charcoal Wool-Ease
I am so bad - I started another project - but it should be quick!
I am making a shrug out of some green yarn I had no idea what to make - I almost gave it away in a yarn swap.
I have used the leave design from the interweave magazine sweater.
Lace Leaf Pullover (Teva Durham) Summer 2005

Also - I was working the edge with 4 stitches of garter stitch and Jesper wanted to know what those "Frapples" were? He has reverted to making up new words to understand my complex knitting. I think he tends to favor experimenting with "f" words becasue he's also been misusing the word "frumpy." As far as the rest of his English - it's practically perfect. My Swede sweetie must find my knitting to require descriptions beyond average adjectives.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I helped plan my company's Users Group BBQ and it happened last night. I ordered Segways, even though people scrunched up their eyebrows, tilted their heads and said, will we have a legal waiver if people get hurt??

Well, it was a big hit, and I was the first to try them out.

The other funny thing about last night was that it rained on and off, and wasn't very warm. But people drank up ALL the booze, we had to run to the store for more. Our customers sure were "thirsty!"

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I've cut my knitting projects list down to 5.

I cancelled the sailor baby onesy. The kitchen cotton was not fun to work with, I love the pattern, but need better yarn for sure.

Last night I was determined to get something done. I knit the last drumstick onto my silly chicken viking hat. I question my intentions for making this. I thought it was funny. But do I need it? NO! Also the yarn was hard to find, so I ended up with a thicker yarn and it turned out to be Adult sized rather than for a baby. This is the main problem. It looks like an adult silly baby hat. Any ideas of what to do with this other than wear it next time I am cold and cooking chicken, please let me know.

Monday, June 06, 2005

I've added old photos to my Seattle Holga photogallery. I really need to finish the roll of film in my Holga. I have so many toycameras + a perfect digital camera - it takes FOREVER to finish a roll of film. Such a hard hobby in that respect.
Cake recovered!

I went back to the kitchen and the cake had fallen, and I reheat the oven and it was fine. The air that was rising lost it's gusto and I tamed this baking beast.
It was very tasty.

Poker was fun too! Especially since Jesper went all out and got real chips and even bought green felt at JoAnn's.

Guppy, Angela's doggie had a good time too

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Tonight I am having people over to play Texas Hold 'Em. So, I thought I'd bake a carrot cake!

Advice: If the recipe says to put the batter in 3, 9" cake pans, don't put it in 2. (The silly part is I went to the store to buy a third pan - and didn't use it because I was too lazy to wash it!)


This is not a pretty sight. I am not sure what to do at the moment. Scoop the raw batter that's been cooking for an hour into another pan? I think I wil leave it there and pretend it didn't happen until something brilliant strikes me.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Apricot is done!

To see my full review, visit my gallery.
Sewed on sleeve and back neck of Apricot Sweater. Only a sleeve and crocheted edge left now! I also need the perfect buttons.

Innebandy was tough last night. We played 3 against 2. Lots of running. I even got a few goals, since the 2 player team couldn't really cover the entire court at every moment. I am soon going to get my own stick. If it's anything like getting your own pair of dancing shoes, I'll see some great improvement with the right equiptment.

I don't ever say this, but this week is moving too fast!