Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Indoor fun

This weekend it rained a ton, and I think I got quite a bit done as well. I finished two baby sling gifts for my double baby shower weekend coming up. Friday night we had a baking extravaganza in our kitchen, we made homemade pizza and cinnamon rolls. We had big plans to tile the mantle, but all I did was buy more tile. We did more outdoor work. I trimmed a boxwood and helped put a piece of drywall on the ceiling of the garage.
I've been itching to make a beautiful container garden for our deck and found a good magazine to be inspired. I'll be looking for good priced deck pots. Tonight I picked up some flowers for the yard, I have a bunch of Home Depot gift certificates I've been saving specifically for flowers only. No guilt purchase!
Bad news... I broke my digital camera. It slipped out of my hand when it was on and the zoom got jammed. Now there is a zoom error. So sad. I might just buy the same camera again - but it will be chaper this time.
Again, I'm blogging from CSS class. I think when I get my Tuesdays and Thursdays back, one of those nights will be for the gym.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wow - it's been so long since I've posted! Taking my CSS class two nights a week is really lopped off my free time (I'm writing this in class now). Work is packed too. I have been knitting though! I finished off the thumb on mitten one of Anemoi mittens. I made a baby sweater for a gift, and made Stella, my cat a Kitty Pi bed. Now, I am making Fuzzy Feet. A pair for me and next, a pair for Jesper.

House projects have been coming along, but at a much slower pace. Jesper is halfway done with our fireplace mantle and I think we'll tile around the fireplace this weekend. We also got a brand new couch, it's pretty cool and doesn't smell odd, like the garage sale couch downstairs.

It's been raining what seems like everyday. I did ride the Vespa to work on Monday and even though it was raining, I was dressed for the weather.

The rain and warmer weather is making it time to mow the lawn soon and kill the moss. We'll see what's left after the moss dies.

Every Monday since the new year, I've played Innebandy. It's pretty much the only cardio I'm getting at the moment. After taking a year off from a major knee injury which happen while playing said sport, I have picked my skills up where I left off and have even been making goals! I made two goals on my birthday!

Last weekend we went sailing and it rained a lot on Saturday but was really nice on Sunday, I even had to pull out the sunblock right away. We stayed at Eagle Harbor and browsed around the shops. We got green upholstery fabric for pillows for the new couch. We also found the perfect Adirondack chairs; of course, we didn't buy them, we noted the brand and found them online much cheaper with free shipping. A BBQ is also in the mail -summer- we're ready for it.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

This weekend we are staying home. I am so excited to be able to sleep in after last weekend's motorcyle class. We are looking forward to our Kasala couch being delivered on Saturday and Sunday we'll visit the Bodies exhibit in Seattle, finally. If you still are planning to go, you can buy tickets online and get a 20% discount with the code "ABOUT."

I haven't driven my Vespa to work yet, since it's been raining solid since I got my license. And gas prices are climbing just in time. I did pick up a pair of rain pants that stuff into a little bag to keep under the seat in case I need to stay dry. After all the sailing we've done, a little rain doesn't seem like that big of a deal. I just don't want to slip on the road, so it's best to avoid it for a while since I'm in the statistical range of being more likely to get in an accident, being a new driver.

I am on the front and last piece of the baby sweater I'm knitting. It should be done within the next week. I am thinking my next mindless project will be a felted cat bed for Stella on the couch. She prefers the fabric to the cold leather. I'm afraid I might have to actually buy yarn for this project if I want it not to be totally wierd unmatching colors. Maybe I'll look at something wool on Elann.com.

After finding out that the fabric I made that baby sling out of is nowhere to be found online, I decided to buy more fabric for my stash - I am loving the Alexander Henry prints. I've seen them a lot on Shim + Sons blog.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

One baby sling sewn up, two to go! I have 3 baby showers this month. This one goes to my boss on Sunday. I used the pattern by Elizabeth Lee Designs. It was quite easy, but I didn't quite have enough fabric, so I bought a matching solid for the hidden shoulder pillow. I love this fabric so much, I'm going to have to buy some for my personal stash. It has a fun raod trip theme going on. I just need to figure out where I got it!

Sorry not many updates lately! Work has been really busy and we had our big house warming/engagement/my 30th birthday party last weekend. We've worked super hard on the house up to the party and now we're taking a break. We've even picked out a couch for the upper living room. Its on sale at Kasala this weekend.

Tonight I started my Scooter/Motorcyle endorsement class. That's what I'll be doing all weekend. I've already learned some good tips tonight in the classroom. Seems like it's pretty common for people to be riding motorcyles without the endorsement, it must not be much of an issue. I think I will feel pretty good about the whole thing after the class. Now if the weather would get a little nicer, I'll be ready to cruise to work.