Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I almost finished my second clog/slipper but got off on my stitch count while watching the "Gilmore Girls." I'll probably rip back the top tonight.

I have moved some focus back to my Orangina top - I think it will be really pretty to wear before summer is over.

I am really looking forward to this weekend. Jesper will be in NYC and all I have planned is housework, washing my car, knitting and hopefully some exercise.

If you live in the Seattle area and want to knit Saturday - we'll be at Chism Beach in Bellevue at 1PM knitting. (Please don't bring the rain!)

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Monday night at Purlygirls - I was conviced by Jenna to reknit the Hopeful collar. She offered to re-knit it for me, but that's a little wacky. I would feel guilty, like having someone pick up after me for being messy and watching them while relaxing on the couch.

I started 2 new projects last night with the newest Elann yarn I got; finish one, start two. Good rule no?

A cabled tea cozy - I am going to be improving the pattern a little. It's from Fiber Trends. The bottom is just a little to drapey.

I also started the felted clogs that I've been looking forward to making since Spring. I couldn't decide who to make them for - so I made them in my size.

My knees are still aching from the hike, so mo Jazzercise or biking to work yet. I got my new Ryka shoes in the mail though - I am looking forward to bouncing them in.

I just can't imagine what it would be like to have my home completely flooded. I hope it never happens to me. This New Orleans hurricane news is crazy.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

This weekend was packed full... a few highlights...

Friday night we had a nice dessert in Fremont and ate crepes. Jesper modeled his sweater.

Saturday I attended my company picnic which I planned and sat in the shade knitting and drinking Mike's hard lemonade with Mara. Afterwards I loaded up my car plus a co-workers with the massive amounts of leftover booze and soda.
Saturday night Amy had a poker party at her condo for her boyfriend Scot. We lost, but had to leave early to sleep for our hike the next day.

Sunday we hiked Kendall Peak, part of the Pacific Crest Trail and ascended about 3000 feet. My knees were really sore going down and still are now. If was a very scenic hike and the grade uphill was very doable. The scramble to the peak was worth it. The trail head is near Alpental at Snoqualmie Pass.

Here are photos.

Tonight was grandpa's birthday party too... Happy Birthday!

Friday, August 26, 2005

I have been eyeing thisMartha Stewart Everyday Glass Door Bookcase at Kmart.

If anyone hears of this going on sale at K-Mart, please let me know! $169.99 is a little out of my price range. Especially since it is super heavy and I live on the 3rd floor. This would be so perfect to keep my yarn in - on display. I just love the glass doors.

I first saw it at Chic Knits - she got it and put her yarn in it. Maybe I'm just a follower...

Ah yeah! Hopeful is done!

Now back to all those other project I'm in the middle of.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

My Hopeful is coming together. I got up early this morning to do the sleeve. This sweater has 2 hours left to go! I posted a bunch more comments on the KAL blog.

Jesper came to SNB last night and worked on his hat - he had made a pompom on the boat last weekend and now it's almost finished. This has turned into a pretty unique hat - but he likes it. I think he altered it from the original mainly because he likes his ears uncovered. I guess it's so he can hear? Or maybe it's not as itchy that way...

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I think I'm about ready for an inventory - probably Labor Day Weekend will be involving organizing my collection and making a list of yarn and what pattern it's meant for and what is available for new patterns that might come up.
But... I ordered more yarn...
It's always nice to have some Elann Preuvian Highland Wool around - it is a cozy yarn. I used it for my Ribby Cardi and find it very comfortable to wear.

I got for a potential sweater and a tea cosy.

to compliment the Medium grey.

for a potential tea cosy.

and for a complement to the purple I have left from the ribby cardi.
I made this scarf Monday PM/Tuesday AM...

This slowed my progress on my Hopeful sweater, but last night I am 60% done with the collar. I think it might have to be ripped. I'll get an opinion tonight. I also found that when connecting the ribbed collar strip to the neck, ssk is better looking than k2tog.

Monday, August 22, 2005

The baby soaker is done - I'll get a photo of the backside with the heart soon :)

Here is my Hopeful progress:
This weekend was all about sailing - we headed out to Port Ludlow for the Bob Perry boat design redezvous. We snagged an friend's slip at Shilshole Marina Friday night so we wouldn't have to do the locks Saturday morning.

We had a great spinnaker run North and had BBQ on the way. We anchored outside of the marina and brought in our potluck food and drank the free wine and listened to Bob's band play. A bonfire was built and s'mores were consumed.

The wind wasn't as useful on the way home Sunday - but it was plenty warm for bunbathing and knitting. We all pretty much zoned out in the heat - it was a relaxing day.

As of last night I am done with the back of Hopeful and have seamed the shoulders. I think I am going to do the neck band next and the sleeves last.

I have the diaper cover done except for the second leg's ruffle I am adding. It's really cute. I added an emroidered heart to the back side.

Friday, August 19, 2005

I finished the front of Hopeful last night and am onto the back. The yarn I'm using is pretty stretchy - so there is plenty of room to grow. I probably should have made the smaller size. I'm not really planning on gaining width...
I think it will be fine though - very drapey fabric.

As a break, I am making a wool diaper soaker from a pattern I found link from the Baby Knit Along.

This one is not intended for any specific baby - but I'd like to give it to my friend Michelle, if I see her.

I might make a blue one this weekend for my sorority friend Breanna, since I'll be visiting her house for a going away party and she has a little baby also.

I wonder if it would still be appreciated if babies wear disposable rather than cloth diapers? The point of these wool diaper covers is to replace a plastic cover that goes over the cloth diaper. Supposedly new diapers do really leak? Maybe this cover would be a good accomaniment to cheapo disposable diapers? It's all greek to me! It will be cute anyway.. I'll add an embroidered heart to the bum.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

This week I started Jazzercise at my new gym. I really like it a lot. The hour goes by faster than the Hi-Lo Aerobics I did before. I ordered official aerobics shoes so I can handle all the bouncing. My calves are going to be rock hard this fall! I've never heard of Ryka shoes - but everyone was wearing them in the class, so I figure that's the best research I could do. These should be perfect for when Innebandy starts up again too. I really miss Innebandy...

I've been moving along on my Hopeful sweater... I am going to do the neck opening today.

This weekend we are going sailing to Port Ludlow for the Perry Boat Design Rendevous. Christine will be my guest and Stephan will be Jesper's. The weather is supposed to be PERFECT!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Last week I made these Cranberry Walnut Bran Muffins, they were really good. I made them with pecans instead of walnuts. The best part of course is the crumbly topping!

I made them in the evening and they were good for 3 breakfasts.

I've also figured out that it's better to buy bran flakes and toss in rasins than to eat Rasin Bran.
Friday night we went to IKEA and loaded up the car with fun stuff. I got a small table for my balcony and 2 folding chairs so we can eat outside. I think the endless summer is winding down this week, but I think there is still more to come. I also got some wall mounted reading lights for above the couch, now I can knit in the dark easier.

Saturday we chilled at Chism Beach in Bellevue - Jesper played Scrabble for the first time. I gave him too many hints and he won.

I started my Hopeful sweater. I now understand that even though yarn is thin, it doesn't reflect the gauge. I guess the label was right! I think it's slightly loose knit looking yarn - but it'll work. The color I chose is pretty bright though! By Sunday I got through one skein of 8.

Saturday evening we made a gourmet recipe from the Ray's Boathouse Cookbook and it was pretty good - mainly because it had fresh blackberries. The salmon was nice, and the Pinor Noir Sauce might have been too fattening and time consuming for the results. I highly recommend fresh blackberries with grilled salmon though!

Sunday was getting too hot and we made it to Golden Gardens Beach - I swam in the Puget Sound. It felt great - but I had to go in and out 4 or 5 times, if I stayed in - the cold would numb my fingers.

We ended the day with the movie Wedding Crashers, pretty funny!

Friday, August 12, 2005

My cat Stella had this exact Frog dangly Catnip Toy and finally chewed it to death. I really wish there was a pattern out there to make it...

Has anyone seen this for sale in the Seattle area? I don't want to pay for shipping online.

I received my yarn today for "Hopeful." I am surprised that this Austermann Mayfair yarn is advertized as 20 st/4". It seems so thin! I'll have to swatch it tonight. I don't normally swatch, but this yarn is suspicious...

I am happy to hear it is went fast for other people like Sharlyn.

Tonight we're off to IKEA - hopefully I can restrain myself. I might try a Jazzercise class tomorrow morning.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Apparently Jesper snuck his new hand knit sweater out and wore it to a bar in Fremont last night. I forgave him for taking it before signing the "boyfriend anti-curse contract" (that I haven't written up yet) becasue he said he also wore it to work and bragged about it to his friends. OK- well - maybe we won't need a contract :)
Last night after Eastside stitchers I knit a mouse.. he's pretty big now - but I am going to felt him like crazy.

The pattern is from "simple knits for soophisticated living" - a book I picked up from the library.

I used Lopi Lite and am going to also try making another in a thinner yarn, Knitpicks Merino Style.

It took about 1 hours to knit and assemble.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Last night was all about the housecleaning. I also joined a new gym.

Jesper is doing very well, he's going to be taking it easy for quite a while so he heals back to normal.

I got a bunch of library books last week and found the cutest felted mouse pattern in "Simple Knits for sophisticated living."

I purchased "Hopeful Yesterday. Jenna Adorno designed it an is donating all proceeds to Cancer Research. Check it out!

I ordered Austermann Mayfair from
Fibre Content: 60% Viscose Rayon Microfibre/ 40% Acrylic
Made In: Italy
Care: Machine Wash/ Dry Flat
Gauge: 20 st/4 inches 4-5 mm (US 6-8)
Yardage: 120 m (131 yards)
Size: 50g (1.75 oz) ball
Price: $2.48 USD

Monday, August 08, 2005

Thursday I saw the Yarn Harlot at Weaving Works in Seattle. She was a good speaker - sort of like a drama type would speak if they were projecting their voice in Athens in an amphitheater. She was funny too. I didn't buy the book and was determined to eat at a decent hour (wasn't about to stand in line for 1+ hours for a signature or brief conversation). Jen & I ate at Cedar's (Indian food) and they lost our order in the "breezy" kitchen. It was tasty though.

Friday night, Jesper & I attended a spectator sport in Redmond - bicycle racing at the Velodrome. It was pretty fun - It must have been since I didn't knit and could have. The announcer was entertaining and there were some exciting moments. It was really cute when the kids got to race. They tiny tots on training wheels didn't quite get it and stopped short of the finish line and turned around. Everyone was screaming "keep going!!!" It was a good laugh.

This weekend was super busy - my friend from college, Danielle, got married. She had a great wedding without all the stiff religious jargon. It was really genuine.

After the wedding, Jesper & headed south on the scenic route to Mt. St. Helen's (our local active volcano) and camped out. We met up with the BBTC for a ride Sunday morning along the Lewis River.
It was a pretty ride, I sort of turned chicken when I saw some steep declines with the edge of the trail falling off to the river. I was alo frieked out when I was riding along and I heard a crash in the bushes. A girl had stepped off her bike and fell off the trail. Luckily - no dammage. It was a hard ride mentally for me - but towards the end I got a little braver _ BUT I never fell! Jesper pedalled faster and had a bad crash near the end. He went over his handlebars and landed on his shoulder. We all found him lying in the dirt. He was able to get up and a guy took his backpack and he was able to ride one handed for the remaining 2 miles. By the end of the trail he was in a lot of pain and we decided to find a hospital. Luckily nothing was broken or dislocated. He sprained his shoulder. Also, if he hadn't had a helmet on, he probably would have a concusion. To top off the night - Jesper and his morphine didn't agree and he got sick at my parent's house twice and once more when we got home.

I worked on "Orangina" in the ER and almost finished my first skein. I plan to stop when it get to the "in the round" section and do that on the airplane when I go on vacation in November.

I also took in my Holga film to be developed. Hopefully 8 months in my car didn't damage the film to badly. I scan in some photos if they are any good.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Here's my progress on Orangina
I think I am going to rip out my cable-8 to make this Pinwheel Baby Blanket. I wonder what happens if you machine wash Cascade Sierra? Has anyone tried it?

I know baby blankets get dirty - so I figure they should be machine washable...

I am mainly working on my Orangina top and have found a row with a mistake, but will leave it be. That's the nice thing about black yarn.

Tonight I'll be going to Weaving Works to see the Yarn Harlot at her book signing. I might pick up some cotton-fleece for a baby sweater too with my 10% off coupon.

Jesper made the observation that I could knit 24 hours a day if I could - I countered with 8.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

It's done! He was happy with the collar 1 inch shorter than the pattern called for - so I bound off when he saw it and that was it! I'll be posting another photo later after we set up a scene like the model on the pattern leaflet. We need to find a log fence.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Here is the pattern for the Quickie Baby Sweater

Another version with the bonnet and booties to match
5 Hours Baby Sweater

I got this pattern from my mom's cousin when I was learning to knit in middle school. It was typewritten and I think it is a classic that is passed around - but needs to be added to the internet. There is no author info on the original pattern I have.

I am less than 10 rows from finishing Jesper's sweater. It's in the car - waiting for me at lunch break.

UPDATE: I left a needle at home and instead went to JoAnns to use my 40% coupon and got size 3 circulars and darning needles.

Purlygirls was last night - I was sure I'd finish it, but no.

I am about 3 inches into my "Orangina" sweater though - I am loving the yarn, Madil All-Seasons cotton.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Where was I Saturday?

At the MS picnic playing.

Sneak preview - the sweater is ALMOST DONE!