Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The 2008 Stitch 'N Bitch Page-a-day calendar is out... I don't have a copy yet, but I was at Churchmouse Yarn & Tea on Saturday and they were so kind to let me open a new package and check out my first published pattern! Is on March 28-30.
OK, I know this is dorky, but I want to make these "lover's mittens."

I saw some new vocab in the pattern:
"cast on 44 sts. cherry evenly across the doulbe-pointed needles..."

A new word for dividing stitches!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wow, I've been really bad at updating the blog lately, it shows how busy I am I guess! I didn't mention here before, but I got a promotion at work, so now I am a manager. I am also going to be recruiting soon for an Associate Producer. If anyone knows of someone or is interested in entry level web production work, give me a e-mail. I'll post the position once it's online.

A few weeks ago I went to Vancouver B.C. for the weekend with my friend Michelle and had a blast shopping and chilling out. (As you can see, she doesn't update her blog.)

I have finally gotten to the point on my Tangled Yoke Cardigan where I have the body and sleeves all on the same row. Now it's quite heavy and harder to knit. It seems like one row takes 15 minutes to knit. I'm excited to get to the cable, but afraid it won't be something I can do at my knitting group.

We have a fun BBQ party at our house Friday night with mostly Swedish guest. Lots of fun. Still need to clean up the sticky floor though! I hope my next party can be for knitters. I think I'll get that on the calendar for a Saturday in December.

I've found a nice (cheap!) wedding dress online, but am waiting to go to the Bridal Show in January to see what deals they might have.

I also have an excelent idea for displaying our childhood photos at the wedding, I'll have to get a photo soon.

And... today I just found out my good friend Jen is getting married in February!

Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm having fun with the Photoshop Action Scripts my dad gifted me!
Here is Ethan, almost big enough for his winter sweater. I love how he's looking into the camera, work that pose baby!
I spent the weekend visiting my childhood friend Leslie in Spokane. It was a really long drive, but the weather was beautiful and it was fun to see her new baby. I got a phoot of him wearing the grey cabled sweater I knit, maybe I can post that tonight.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

All of our sunflowers are dead in the garden. I really enjoyed them, but they fell over before they were done blooming so I put them in vases around the house for a few weeks. They looked really nice, but the downside was the yellow pollen they dropped on the tables. It got to be really messy. I'm not sure if I'll plant them next year. It was so fun to see them peeking up to the top of the deck from the garden below.

I have finished the body up to the armpits on my sweater and have started sleeve numer 1. I can't wait until I get to th part where I can do the beautiful cable part of the pattern.

This weekend I am headed to Spokane to visit my oldest friend, Leslie. She had a baby in May and it's been a while since I've been out to E. WA to see her.

Jesper's parents are here and they have been so sweet and wonderful. Every night we get ome from work and dinner is ready and then the dishes are washed. It's been so busy for me at work; I am so greatful for the meals!

I have some crafty house projects stacking up. Curtains for the kitchen, finish the edging on my tablecloth, seww together my quilt squares, and try making a tissue poms.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

I'm not a very experienced soup maker, but my mom, the mega-mushroom hunter dropped off Chanterelles and I decided to make soup. It was so delicious!

Recipe: Cream of Chanterelle Soup

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