Monday, December 27, 2004

I've found a photo gallery program! Horray
I have to recreate the gallery every time I add a photo, but I think I can deal with that.

Here is an example

Back to work this week....

Christmas was great. I got a lot done at my parents - including the dreaded waxing of the snowboard - which wasn't that bad at all. Now we just need more snow! Another exciting news item it that my cousin Alex (6th grader) has learned to knit in his class at school. Very cool.

I think we should have 4 day weekends all the time - lucky I get one next weekend too :)

I've started my Ribby Cardi sleeves and thing it will be enjoyable over the upcoming weeks. During Christmas I made the Topless Gloves from Interweave (photo to come ASAP). I also made myself a London Beanie in Pink with red stripes and it is nice and snuggly, but I left it at Amy's house the night I finished it...

Today I am putting together my Holga photos to arrange in the photo ceiling mobile Jen gave me for Christmas. I will laminate them. Maybe I can get it done tonight - with GUSTO!!

I also need to get my photo galleries running. For some reason they don't work now!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Knitting Holday Party photos

Thanks to my knitting pals for coming over tonight. It was fun to have guests and lots of knitting was had. It was funny that our white elephant was so tame! Only one steal. We are just too nice - or maybe the gifts were so good we had to keep them!

If anyone out there likes Egg Nog - I HIGHLY recommend the recipe from the December Martha Stewart Magazine. It is to die for. Especially if you are watching your cholesteral ;)

Well- I'm sad the party is over, but I do look forward to hosting again - maybe on a night when people aren't rushing for last minute holiday gifts and travelling.

Happy Knitting! I'll be finishing up my own "London Beanie" hat tonight.

I was happy to find a use for my disco balls too!
knitting in Bed

This was me this morning. Except it was on circulars and it was a hat for me. That rainbow scarf does remind me of something I recently made for Gayle though!

Monday, December 20, 2004

festivus for the rest of us

Who's up for an alternative holiday this year??
Sewed in Zipper to huge red sweater last night- Amazingly the handsewing feels sturdy and isn't as frightening to do to the stitches as running it through the machine.

Almost done with the last slippers of the season. I'd make more but only have 2 feet.

I am really excited to start the topless gloves from Interweave, but I won't until I am all done with X-mas stuff.

I think on my sailing trip I will start the Ribby Cardigan, since it will be nice and repetitive. Here is the boat I will be travelling on from January 1-3rd from Friday Harbor, San Juan Island to Seattle.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Photo from a week ago at Churchmouse on Bainbridge Island...

Friday, December 17, 2004

Well I managed to alter the London Beanie pattern to create a wonderful inside to it with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. It worked perfect.


I think I'll use the remaining Cashmerino for a hat for me! Maybe pink - I'll dig into my Cascade Stash.

My sorority alumni pals came over last night and I fixed a taco extravaganza and we played our traditional white elephant gift exchange. It was fun - I got a trendy juvenile purse which I think I will re-gift to my company's adopt-a-family program.
We also got to see Breanna's big pregnant belly. Yeah for baby's who need knit hats!

I also baked me a cake! I was so determined to make this cake, I took my lunch hour to bake it and then ran back to work. That was a little insane, but for chocolate's sake! I frosted it with 4 minute frosting - which tastes a bit like marshamllow. It's my favorite. I sprinkled a festive tree on it. Awww....

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Finished pink mock-cabled scarf and slippers to felt. Now I'm working on Cotton flower washcloth.

Did I mention that you can machine wash AND dry that chenille washcloth and it survives? Well, that's the first time I've laundered my hand knitting. Removing it fully intact was rewarding. This craft IS functional - not just pretty. I also washed and dried my knit socks in hopes that they would shrink, but they are the same and I don't think I like wearing them. So sad - I heard such great things about hand knit socks. I wore them to Bainbridge Island on Saturday and could feel the stiches when I walked. I think I need to find a pattern with more stitches so it is tighter? I've already gone down to size 1.5 needles - what more can I do?

A few things left to work on for X-mas. This weekend will be for getting out my drill and hanging things on the wall. Note to self: Extension chord required for drilling feats. I think Loew's will be seeing my face today.

Friday, December 10, 2004

I was a game tester for a day

Here is the proof- AND I am not so interested in doing it again.
Things I've learned not owning a microwave:
  • Pasta won't heat up in a glass dish nearly as fast as metal
  • Lasagne heats up quicker and tastier in the oven than a microwave
  • Obviosly I retained counter space
  • There's a reason I have a hot water kettle
  • Kitchen clocks don't need to be digital
  • The oven is silent and calm
  • I can restrain myself from spending MORE $$ on new housewares

    I finished that red coat - EXCEPT when I tried it on I found out that I didn't pick up the stitches close enough to the front on one side so the collar is off. I think I have to reknit the collar - No tears though - it only took a half hour and I think I'll give it some increase shaping so it lays nicer.
    I also found a zipper. I think I am going to run it through my machine - NO FEAR!

    Last night I unexpectedly had the night free, so cleaned up my place and ran some errands. I am switching Stella's cat food so she stops leaving mini terds around the house. I think I've finally decided they are not passive aggressive gifts because she had one where she sleeps and I don't think that would be on purpose. I've been so confused. I guess that's what it's like having a baby who just cries and can't speak. I really appreciate communication and cats can tell you everything - even as much as she moews at me. I think she is just saying "Hi, Hi....Hi....Helloo, hi, HI, hello, hey! Hi, Helllloooo."

    Don't worry I say Hi back.

    Here I am wearing my "Rebecca wrap" It is very badly wrapped - I am bummed I didn't check my wrapping job in the mirror before I had my photo taken. Oh well.

    Tomorrow night I am going to be in the Christmas Ship Parade. I've never done it before. I am excited to have a reason to make cookies too!
  • Wednesday, December 08, 2004

    Animals Knitting on Bedsheets

    Janell pointed these out! Too cute! Out of my price range though.

    Monday, December 06, 2004

    I won't say who these items are for, but they MIGHT be gifts...

    Working on the top down Weekend Jacket - I started this Friday night and only have 2 sleeves and the collar left to knit! VERY fast project and gorgeous yarn.

    and a close up

    Here is my fish Pedro - I thought I'd give him some fame, since Susan and Janell mention their fish.

    I know I need to clean his water!!!

    I am also making the mock cable from the Stitch N Bitch Nation - It's coming along - but pretty boring.

    I also got this yarn that is not knitting up so dreamily. It's mostly cotton.

    Here are my most recent Fuzzy Feet felted up. The green pair is Cascade double stranded and the grey pair is Lamb's Pride worsted. They both came out about the same size so the yarn substitution did work. We'll see how the Lopi version comes out.

    Wednesday, December 01, 2004

    I got my shipment of yarn from today - that was FAST! I only ordered it Monday!

    I love the Filatura Di Crosa "Super Soft" - Red - it's going to be quite fabulous in the Neck Down Jacket I am going to make. I'm thinking a gift to my mom - she may not get it until next October though.

    I am going to WAIT to buy the Ribby Cardi pattern to make sure I don't start it so I can finish X-mas gifts first.

    Tonight the Eastside Stitchers met at the Celtic Bayou in Redmond. It's a cozy place but not good for large groups. We had a perfect size, five. Next time I go there I want to try their Buffallo wings, they smelled so good.