Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Zipper is sewn in on Rosedale Cardigan! It's short because that's all there was at JoAnn's today. I'd never zip it to my neck anyhow. I got a silver zipper pull and broke off the generic pull - I almost broke the zipper, but I survived it. I even sewed in my d-made tag.

I got my final order from webs from the sale on Cascade 220... Anyone in Purlygirls willing to loan me a swift for a week??

I learned the right way to do the kitchener stitch last night (THANKS JANELL!)
I sewed up the armpit holes in my Rosedale cardigan, and pouted about the curling unblocked fashion I was sporting. OK - So I blocked it right before bedtime, I had to do it.
AND... the curling laid flat - Oh GLORY!! It looks sooooooooooooooooooo much better now.

I will get a photo ASAP.

I also need to pick up a zipper and model it in full style.

I decided to play with my iron this AM also and blocked my bikini tops. They lay flat now! OK- I give in the the love for blocking, but it's still a pain to pull the ironing board out of the closet ;)

Now I just need to finish some more projects and hold off starting anything larger than baby hats for a while.
Here are my photos from my vacation cruising in Canada.
Michelle is in the orange hat, I in the blue.

Diana's Photos

Michelle's Photos

Sunday, June 27, 2004

I am back from vacation...

I went to Victoria to begin with and visited Beehive yarn store - it was fabulous!! I spent $xxx.xxCAD.

We also went to try High Tea and found a place that had funny crochet tea cozies! CUTE!

I finished Rosedale sweater - I still need to block it... Ugh- I used all my time this eveining catching up reading the Purlygirls message boards though.
I wish the sweater was a little longer. The collar is curling up _ BUT I haven't blocked it so I need to shut up and see what happens.

I also made my friend Leslie a red bikini top - HOT!

This is a photo in process...

All this while sailing (actually cruising on a sailboat) in Canada.

We we on Salt Spring Island walking along and saw these cute shaved Alpakas!

I will post a link to my vacation photos tomorrow. I'm going to load them at work because I am on slow dial-up at home.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Here's my Rosedale...not done yet!

I've been working hard on my Rosedale cardigan. I am knitting on the sleeves and am on the shoulder decreases. I think it take s like 15 minutes per row. So I'll be ready for the collar after 10 hours of work. Oy joy!

I'll finish it on my sailing vacation. And now I have to figure out what optimum sailing knitting project I have. Avoiding motion sicknes here...

I'm counting the minutes until my company BBQ tonight. I am craving desserts.

Monday, June 14, 2004

I've created a new Knit-a-long


e-mail me to join the fun.

Friday, June 11, 2004

I was a bad girl and knit in traffic yesterday. I was at a stop most the time. There was a lot of long red lights!

I'm working on the Rosedale cardigan. I am bummed that the bottom 1 inch is curling up (my fault) but I will deal and pretend it's supposed to be that way.

I am going to cut out a t-shirt for the underwear pattern I finally enlarged. I had to enlarge it at 315%!!
It looks huge - but per my hip measurement it seems correct - we'll see!

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

I'm back!

I've loaded my photos from my trip to L.A.

Here is the loot Michelle & I gathered our first day at the fashion district. We went back Monday afternoon before she went to the airport. She bought a carry-on rolling luggage for $12!! We also got Kate Spade knock-offs for $15 each. I got a cute watch for $12.

This photo totaled to $55 for me and $76 for Michelle.

Anyhow. It was fun...My IABC Conference was fun too! I got a lot of clearance clothing at Macy's. I am a sucker when I am staying in a hotel which is walking distance from a mall!!

I made 2 strawberry baby hats. I finished the 2nd on the airplane today. This is photo of the 3 sizes I have done. 6 mo, 1 yr & 2 yr.

When I got home I opened my box from the Craftster.org yarn-swap. I picked out 10 skeins of Aurora - torquoise and 4 skeins of black sparkly Lion-Branc Wool-ease. NO plans for it yet, I am figuring I'll make a scarf from the black. I also got a cute pair of homemade size 16 short straight wooden needles. They have a dark red yarn ball on the end.

My favorite find of the trip was this ribbon which doubled, ties into a CUTE belt...

I am re-invigorated to work on the Rosedale cardigan now that the ribbing is OVER!

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Hello from L.A.!

Oh it's sunny here... I'm staying at the century plaza hotel near Beverly Hills. Michelle is here with me and we've had a great time so far.

Michelle's friend Pam loaned us her car for the weekend, so we've been exploring all over.
We spent lots of time at the Fashion District yesterday. It was really cool, all the fabric choices overwhelmed me and I couldn't decide what to buy for my dress. I just am not commited to spening my time & $$ on it I guess. We DID find cross-grained ribbon. OH JOY!! I have a supply of belts now.
Today we spent time on the Santa Monica beach, after several trips to the mall, we have some cute outfits to wear tonight to dinner in Malibu.

I did knit lots yesterday at the airport and on the plane. I realized I brought the wrong ball of yarn, it was reserved for a sleeve, not the main body of the sweater, so I had to stop Rosedale Cardigan and pick up on some strawberry baby hats. My goal is to use up the ball of red yarn with these cute hats. They will be sold at Fremont I hope.

Well, time to go relax on my balony...


Thursday, June 03, 2004

I'm not very excited about my felted bags. I like the pink one, but it's not holding it's shape very well - it's really floppy.

This green one was an experiment, and I double stranded the white on top- bad idea...

Best news: I finished my 1st Pipi-knee Stocking from the Stitch N Bitch Book. Now I just have to weave the ends in. Oh joy.

Also, my co-bridesmaid, Mara, sent me her extra copy of Interweave and Vouge Knitting Magazine. They have me dreaming of future sweaters.

MAYBE this weekend, when I'm in L.A., when I go to the Garment/Fashion District they will have a yarn store... that would be a lucky break. I'm mainly hoping to find cute cross grain ribbon for belts and fabric to make my Moulin Rouge Can Can dancer dress. That dress is going to be a big mission, we'll see if it works out.

No more posts until later next week. Now what to take to me on my trip...

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I have some photos to share ;)

My Union Jack felted bag in progress

I finally got myself to block my Rebecca wrap sleeves. Good girl. Patting myself on the back...

Here is a handbag that is in the washer currently. I think it may be trashed... the white isn't felting. Grrrr...

I am on the home stretch of my mom's sock. I think I added an extra row per color change, but that's OK.
Very crafty weekend indeed.

Saturday I went to the Evergreen State college with Mr. Alex Crick and spent the day printing photos in the darkroom.
I ALMOST got booted outa there for my incompetence, but they turned their heads... out of pitty? I ended up getting a lot of prints done as Alex's "assistant."
This Pike Place print turned out nice. I LOVE the edge the filed negative carrier makes. I'll have to find a way to get down there again someday - before I forget how to do it all again.

Sunday I went to Seattle for Purlygirls Extreme Knitting! We started at the 611 Supreme for a crepe brunch. I started the Pipi-Knee Stockings for my mom's October birthday. We checked out the new Stitches store on the hill; it was still pretty bare. We moved on to Volunteer Park where we braced ourselves in the windy knitting conditions. Then on to a Mexican restaurant, Mmmm strawberry daquari... Then to Re-bar for Church of Craft. It was fun meeting other crafty types that had a bit of retail experience going on.
Of course all that was not enough, so we traveled to El Diablo to finish it all off - they were flashing the lights to signal they were closed and we slinked out, stiff from bracing our knitting.

Oh joy. 'twas fun.

Monday I spent the day with my lovely boyfriend Ryan, we visited the Folklife Festival. I got a beautiful "Tree of Life" applique wall hanging. I am excited about it. It came from North India in a womens co-operative where they make the crafts in their homes.

In the evening I went to the Capitol Club - because I can't miss Purlygirls- and we had a good turn out and I stayed until 11:00 pm.
I've gotten to my heel turn on the Pipi-Knee Stocking and I am slightly confused by the directions, BUT I will do exactly as they say and hopefully it will turn out.

I also have started a navy blue bag to be felted with a Union Jack chart on one side. It is a little annoying with the 4 skeins of color, but I can deal, because it will look so cool. I won't be able to give this one away - it'll be all mine. AND it will match my Paul Frank wallet.