Thursday, December 28, 2006

I couldn't wait to share - here is one of our engagement photos that my Dad took of us this weekend. We were so lucky with the weather and the scenery just blocks from our house.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Here are my finished Knucks - they were gifted to my friend Michelle for X-mas.

This weekend flew by, but we did get a lot done on the house, the wood floor is done in the kithen and the hallway was started. Last night I painted my craft/knitting room a blue/grey and will do the second coat tonight. Grandpa installed our new dining light fixture and it looks great! Mom and Dad scraped painted wallpaper off the hallway walls on X-mas eve. Even though it was raining - we got some yard work done and the chainsaw met our laurel "trees."

I am so excited our electrician is starting tomorrow. In about a week, we can get the cabinets into the room - after new drywall of course.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Although the power was out - I did manage to knit by the fire.
I'm making Pam's Knucks - finally!
Guess what!

Jesper and I are engaged!

We took a break from our power outage and stayed at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel in Vancouver B.C. this weekend to celebrate.

Monday, December 11, 2006

This weekend flew by! Before we knew it, we were picking up the moving truck and spent the night in the house for the first time. The bedroom is all set up and pretty cozy for now. It just needs some pictures on the walls and a curtain to cover the closet. The basement bathroom has tile floors and boy are they COLD! We may have to switch to vinyl when we re-do that bathroom.

Jesper plugged in the TV and set out the recliner lawn chairs, we have a few channels, even though we don't have cable coming until the 23rd.
Grandpa came over Saturday and flew through our list of projects! The gate hinges are operational now. The main toilet doesn't leak and we have the newest mailbox on the post. Jesper moved the gas line in the kitchen for our new oven. I built another kitchen cabinet and found out that if you put the drawer in the rails, it's not coming out. If you have IKEA cabinets and know how to get the drawers out, please let me know!


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Before is on the left, the current state is on the right. In the middle is my IKEA kitchen (a third of it).
I've been to IKEA 3 times in a week, I love how it's not crowded at night at they are open until 10PM.
I picked out our new dining room light - luckily not everything will be from IKEA, so our house won't be screaming IKEA.

Monday, December 04, 2006

I thought I'd mention that although I didn't buy anything at the Urban Craft Uprising Fair, this was my favorite vendor:

Thursday evening we got our house keys. We proceeded to tear out all the carpet on the main floor and also most of the 4 layers of vinyl and lanolium kitchen flooring. We found oak wood floors under the carpet but have decided to move ahead with the plan to install the lighter color hardwood floors we already paid for. At least it looks OK having the carpets gone, with the wood floors we have right now.

Friday night we tore out the kitchen cabinets and did more clean-up from the vinyl, carpet removal.

Saturday all the cabinets are out of the kitchen, the floor is clear and the area is ready for patch up and electrical upgrades. We've decided not to tackle the plumbing ourselves. Jesper tried some electrical, but after another shock, he's going to hand off that task as well to a professional.

I raked a lot of leaves. I pondered when our garbage day was. I replaced an outdoor light fixture. I freaked Jesper out about asbestos in the kitchen flooring and now we are in the market for breathing masks.

We've done a lot in these few days and produced a lot of garbage too. I did get a chance to knit still and I went to the Urban Craft Uprising fair in Seattle yesterday. Lot's of creative stuff, but not quite anything that sang "buy me!"

I put together the first kitchen cabinet last night, next time I am going to really look at the photo before starting, the boards may look the same, but they aren't! We'll be going back for more cabinets soon. I just picked up two to try out last night. Of course, I had to buy some Swedish treats too!

I resisted buying a christmas tree this weekend. I think it will have to wait until next year when we cna sit and enjoy it. I am collecting ornaments in anticipation.