Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wedding planning check-in
Six months until our wedding date and a lot has been planned!

Location: Golden Gardens Bathhouse
Ceremony: First Draft, Jesper loves it.
Colors: Sea blue and meadow green. Some pink flowers too.
Caterer: Ravishing Radish
Transportation: nothing special - but needs coordinating.
Flowers: White and pink. Gathering inspirational photos. Leaning towards orchids, roses and calalillies.
Fun stuff: Sparklers ordered. I also got some of these sky lanterns to try.
Dress: Got it! E-mail me if you want to see a photo. Needs to get a bustle still.
Warmth: I am knitting this Ornamental stole.
Hair: Photos ready to show hairdresser.
Veil: Will attempt to make one myself or borrow? May not wear one also depending on how my stole turns out to play with.
Maid-of-honor dress: Anne Taylor, purchased.
Maid-of-honor gift: done.
Photographer: Amore Studios and White Veil Studios
Beer: Homebrew from dad. IPA.
Wine: Yellowtail Chardonnay
Champagne: Just a bottle for Jesper and I, everyone else can toast with the drink they have in hand. I got an ice bucket.
Champagne glasses: We have some special ones from Sweden - Kosta Boda, with Hearts.
Candlesticks: We have - from Orrefors. (but can't use! need to get votives)
Appetizers: ?? Beth?
Cake: Round, simple, Safeway??, ribbon bands.
Cake topper: Loving these birds - will try to recreate.
Invitations: In experimentation, with Michelle.
Programs: Will be inspired from invitation probably.
DJ: ??
Song list: We have quite a list going. Will probably burn a CD for the DJ.
Flower Girl: Kate's daughter, Rayen.
Flower Girl dress: Mom will sew, I'm going to pick-up the pattern and fabric. Green sash.
Favors: In experimentation , candy
Officiant: Chris Peragine, local sailor.
Goom's attire: Tux Shop? Light blue vest and tie.
Wedding bands: I have mine and Jesper's in on order.
Decorations: In experimentation, purchased white lights and tulle.
Looking for a thick birch branch for overhanging decoration.
Centerpieces: Potted orchids from Trader Joe's. Silver pots from IKEA. Green or Blue Ribbon/bow.
Ushers: No ushers needed. People can sit where they want, except a few seats will be saved for family at the front.
Guest Book: I don't plan on having a guest book. I don't feel like I need a copy of signatures in a box.
Isle: Lined with artificial pink or white flower petals - need to order from Ebay.
Wedding night hotel: Hotel 1000 in Seattle.
Shoes: Purchased from DSW, back-up pair also from DSW.
Honeymoon: Maui in September,
Something "old": Ruby earrings from Grandma or something more dangly.
Something "new": My dress and shoes.
Something "borrowed": ??
Something "blue": A blue sash from Ann Taylor
Necklace: ??
Rehersal dinner: Our house - BBQ 3PM - 7/26/08.
Beauty: Famous Dave Self-tanner


Thursday, January 24, 2008

I just saw these adorable wedding cake toppers from Ann Wood Handmade and of course they are sold out AND $150. I might just have to get crafty and make them myself.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

No knitting late, I think I'm almost half done with thaat crewel stitching project. I thnk I'll finish that before I dive back into knitting.

So many house projects going. Tonight, we sort of finished painting all the living room walls, just touch-up left pretty much and then floor boards which will really finish off the room. It's been a month of a torn up living room and the end is so near! I'll get photos soon, but they are just walls. I think a before and after photo will have more impact.

Last Saturday I managed to go snowboarding for the first time in 2 years and it was pretty fun. Luckily I was fit enough from my Jazzercise classes. When the snow was falling hard, it was pretty cold on my face. i also hard a uncomfortable time with the heavy board hanging off my foot on the chair lift, it looks so much more comfortable for skiiers.

I went to the Bellevue Wedding Expo Sunday and bought my wedding dress, so I ended up not ordering that one I found and going for the one over budget that was high quality, fit like a glove and is gorgeous! I love it so much, I can see how brides have a hard time selling their dress ater the wedding. I probably will try to sell it afterwards though. We'll have lots of photos or sure.

Later that day, I ordered my bridesmaid dress for a friends wedding and am exciited that it's going to look nice and I can probably wear it again. I'll need to shorten it to tea-lenght when it arrives though. The wedding is in Cancun.

Friday, January 18, 2008

After looking at the Flickr garlands group, I saw this santa garland tutorial. OK, so it's January, but this give me time to plan this into 2008 crafting.
I saw this pattern on Heather Baily's site and now I feel the urge to make a paper ball. Seems like it would be easiest if I had a tool that cut big circles and was not scissors. Hmmm, well see what Joann's has on sale maybe. I seem to have collected some papers, but don't scrapbook. This could be fun as a mobile for sure.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I just bought a painting by Amy Giacomelli on Etsy. I seem to be heavily drawn to art with trees, branches, etc. I look forward to adding this to our walls.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Oh my, so much painting going on...

We are still priming the main level, but have decided on the colors. We ended up going with the color inspiration photos from Behr Paint.
Main room and hall: Sandstone Cove
Accent wall/kitchen wall facing living room: Garden Wall
Trim: Swiss Coffee

We also got inspired for painting the basement TV room and I tackled that last night for "fun." The color Asparagus is looking great, just a second coat needed tonight. We might add some accents of a blue or grey to the room later.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I ordered this crewel kit a few weeks ago when browsing through an old issue of Ready-Made magazine. I started it last night and it's pretty fun, I am planning on framing it when I am done. I got it from Wool and Hoop. It came super fast in the mail and I think I am going to be able to complete it w/o a hoop.
I finished the bird in hand mittens and they are toasty warm! I'll try to block them, but not sure how that will work since they are made of Wool-Ease.
Last weekend I attended the Seattle Wedding Expo and was entirely overwhelmed by the eye candy. It was a lot to process. Luckily, it was mostly for fun, so there was no pressure to probe vendors.
Sauna news: We have roof rafters up and boards and the next step is to do tar roofing paper and shingles.
House news: First round of mudding is almost done in the living room to patch up holes from our insulation project.


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

We decided not to go sailing over new year's like we have for the past 3 years and to forge ahead with our sauna building, a.k.a. SHED.
We did some second hand shopping as well and picked up some windows for $4 a piece and a door for $40. We also found the perfect nautical outdoor light and sign.

I have about two more evenings of work left on the Bird in the Hand mittens. They are going to be a little big, but I like them a lot and the design is so pretty.