Friday, March 31, 2006

Jesper's new socks snuck into the laundry and one went throught the wash and the other had a wash and the dryer. They are fine :) Just a little fuzzy. I am never going to hand wash anything so - superwash socks are pretty important.

Knit Picks e-mailed me and my "vanilla" yarn fot my Argyle vest is on backorder until JULY! So they cancelled that part of my order until I re-order in the summer. Oh well! More reason to work on getting Jesper's sweater to come out right. Not like he'll need a wool zippered sweater in the summer.

Im working along on the foot of my "Friday Harbor" socks and they are going to be a little tight - but I think that's OK. We'll see.

I shoudl really try to take some photos this weekend - this text is piling up!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I finished Jesper's socks and he loves them - I need to snap a photo too.

I got the momentum to re-start his sweater on smaller needles. I also started the Friday Harbor socks from "Knitting on the Road." They are engaging. I turned the heel last night after my condo association annual meeting.

Tonight I'm taking a co-worker to Eastside Stitchers and will get her knitting - I put together a starter kit :)

Last Sunday afternoon we went sailing on Lake Washington in 25 knot winds - we had the perfect amount of sail up and cruised up to Kirkland to pick up J's co-worker to join us on the lake. It was pretty cold - but no rain!

When we want to go sailing - we always have to open up bridges. To go to the Lake, we have to open University Bridge and Montlake Bridge. Montlake is the best! It is super responsive to opening, sometimes we don't even have to sound our horn. Going the other way, to Puget Sound we have to open Fremont Bridge, Ballard Bridge, go through the locks, then sometimes open the Train Bridge. That last train bridge after the locks is the worst! That guy doesn't respond when we toot out horn like he's supposed to. That place in the waterway has a lot of current, so you can't just float around waiting. Sometimes you have to wait 15 minutes for them to open the bridge after no train even crosses. It's pretty frustrating. Anyway, if anyone knows the lady who works the Montlake Bridge, tell her we love her. (In case you don't get all this opening bridge stuff: We have to raise bridges so we don't break the mast off the boat when we go under it.)

Friday, March 24, 2006

No big plans this weekend - I should finish that 2nd sock. I am hoping my Knitpicks white comes soon so I can get started on that vest before my interest wanes and the temperature increases.

I've taken advantage of my Expedia employee discount and booked my hotel for Copenhagen in September. Yes, I'm a plan ahead type of gal. J & I are going to Sweden in Sept, but I am going early and am going to visit this one city in Denmark before taking the train to Kalmar. Flights into Sweden were like $400 more that to Copenhagen. It will be great to explore and aclimate to the time zone on my own. Anyway... that's over 5 months from now.

Jesper asked about the sweater I started and I am coming to terms with my loose gauge knitting (the height of the stitches is the problem) and am about ready to frog it and start over on a smaller needle. This is a hazard of knitting Rowan patterns, with non-Rowan yarn.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

I am inspired today by seeing this spiral yoke sweater on etherknitter's blog. It is a Meg Swanson design. Other searching online shows this sweater as a solid color, but with the inserted color - it's gorgeous! I am thinking Noro with grey. I put the book on hold at the library and resisted just buying it. I'd like to know what gauge is required.

I am on the heel flap of the second sock for Jesper. They may not get worn this season since he seems to have hot feet, but I enjoyed making them anyway. I might even start another pair of socks next. Just for the brainless, portable factor.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Last night I finished Jesper's sock - I've needed minless knitting lately. I am using the Yarrow Ribbed sock pattern from the Vintage Socks book. I got to do new sock parts. It has a German Heel and a French Toe. Nice to learn a new sock design I also love this sock yarn - it's from Australia - Heirloom - Argyle.

I am also excited about this new web tool for decorating. I learned about it in the newest edition of Ready-Made Magazine.
Last weekend I was out sailing on S.V. Alluvium. We went to Pt. Ludlow - not much wind, but it's always great to get out in the fresh air.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Tempting KOIGU sale!!! I will try to resist...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tonight I got my special Mary Kay make over - courtesy of my long-time friend Amy! She just started her Mary Kay hobby (I have knitting she has make-up). Check out this before and after photo!

Here she is all set up for me! (If you're in the Seattle area - you could get the treatment too)

AND to show you how cool she is... here is someone she met just this morning!Notice how Nick is pitting out?! Eww!

I finished a quick hat from Elann Peruvian Highland Wool and here are both of my Argyle wristwarmers post blocking.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Introducing Baby Bobbi Bear!
He took me three evenings to knit and finish. Saturday he'll be gifted to a college friend's baby boy. This pattern took minimal finishing, good thing - it was all I was really up for.

Here is a photo of his last eye being attached

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I've stalled on Jesper's sweater since the sleeve ribbing is turning out very loose.

I started a Baby Bobbi Bear last night and have a body, butt and one leg. I think I'll get it done tonight and will stuff him on Thursday. It will be gifted on Saturday.

I'm getting a haircut Thursday, not going to cut much length off, but am curious how I can change the perception from some people that I look 22 when I am actually 29. I could start smoking for some aging, but that's not my thing. I'm going for sophistication. Maybe I just tend to dress college casual. I DO get to wear jeans to work everyday now - what a wonderful thing! I didn't mind my dress pants, but comfy shoes don't work as well with dress pants.

Monday, March 06, 2006

I tried crochet... not going so well. I tried three different patterns in the SNB crochet book and was unsucessful. I think the directions may be missing a critical tip about reading patterns. I'm sure if someone showed me what to do while reading the pattern, it would be fine; I was counting on the book to have all the resources I needed! I've crocheted a hat before, but the pattern was written in a way that explained the increases. I definitly need a tutor.

Knitting news... the pair of cuff is done and I wore them today at work. I think the beaded pair are more snazzy, but the beads get between my mousepad and my wrist. I'm clicking the mouse all day at work, so a comfy set-up is key.

I've started Jesper's sweater. I have half the back done and now am on the sleeves. My main concern is that the sleeve gauge is too loose.

I got a gift from a girl in the Sydney SNB group today. A color card for her favorite yarn to get via mailorder in Australia (a best kept secret). - Bendigo Woollen Mills - There are some nice colors in the Alpaca and Rustic wool lines.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

I got my Stitch N' Bitch Happy Hooker book in the mail today!

I'm not ever going to be a "crocheter," but I am interested in know more than the basics.

The project I am most interested in is the "Short and Sweet" lacy bolero. Looks like I have a lot of practicing to do!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I've posted the pattern for the Duffer Cuff.

This is a great project for practicing two-color knitting and an alternate use for sock yarn.