Monday, July 31, 2006

Great weekend sailing to Poulsbo! The coolest was seeing the Phosphoresence Friday night. The water lit up with any movement.

I am all done with my bear, she just needs the right smile.

Lots of sock knitting this weekend. Hopefully a free pattern post tomorrow.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Here's a sneak peak at my Wee Wonderfuls Bear, she still needs some embroidery done.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Last night was the Seattle Mariner's Stitch N' Pitch. It was really fun to run into knitter friends and sit with the Eastside stitchers. Also we had fun hearing all about Susan's new engagement!

I am about to finish up a new free pattern: Simple Ribbed Baby socks - toe-up. Tonight I'll be working on the smaller size of the two.

I can't wait to share!

Other fun news: I rode the bus to work this morning! And knit all the way :)

Monday, July 24, 2006

This weekend was ALL hard work, with breaks for food. Last night when we got home, we had to wipe off with nailpolish remover (aka Acetone) before we showered. It's great to be at work today, just sitting at my computer. I'm so sore from waxing the sailboat. My arm is going to show muscle for sure.

Whining aside, no knitting was done this weekend. I am about to place an order for KnitPicks Shine in black to make this hollywood hoodie. I will write up the pattern when I make it and post it to share. I've been wanting to knit with this yarn for a while and now I finally have a project in mind for it!

I was going to order a set of DPNs, but (1) I really don't need another set and (2) I see they aren't as light as my other DPNs.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Stella and PianoWe have a new black and white keyed instrument in the house! A professional keyboard. As I speak Jesper is jamming with his headphones, he's all over the Hammond Organ setting. I'm ready for my upcoming recital; feature solo of "Mary Had a Little Lamb." Tickets are selling fast!

Tonight I got home from knitting all jazzed up to get crafty. I picked up my fabric for the Wee Wonderfuls stuffed bear last week and I put together one shoe really quick. Here is the spread of fabric I chose, I think it will be really cute, not like I need a stuffed bear though. Maybe I will gift it someday.
I've started to hoard cute fabric...

The original plan was to make some gifts for upcoming baby showers this fall. A co-worker gave me this idea of something to make. It's a cover for breast feeding in public. I know women should stand up and not be shy about it or hid it - but I like the idea for fabric anyway.

For now I will keep it safe and uncut - it's just too cute!

Thanks to Pam pointing these "tough knitter" t-shirts out! I ordered one right away! I got the green one.

I finished my Widdershins socks last night - photos soon!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Still working like crazy and knitting socks. I'm half-way done with the second Widdershins socks and then will be creating something new with my Esprit yarn. I worked a few rows with it last night and am liking it a little better than the Cascade line of the same yarn type. The Elann yarn had more elastic bounce.

Last night I had "craft-night" with Michelle and we painted with watercolors. I used to be much better at the art. Now, I am so out of practice, it looks 8th grade. I think if am ever to pick it up again, I need to be really bored and have a lot of time and be very relaxed. Everytime I messed up, I got annoyed and then more annoyed. I am totally sticking to knitting.

I also got in the mail my own copy of the Wee Wonderfulls put-together book. Kitty, Bunny and Bear pattern. This will be the next craft night with Michelle. I think I might stop by Goodwill to find some odd fabrics (cut up garments) for this project. These stuffed animals have a very vintage look to them.

Tonight the sailboat will be hauled out and we will be doing dirty work dry-sanding this weekend and painting the bottom next weekend. Jesper installed a new holding tank (like septic tank) this week - it's 4 times bigger and that will be a great thing!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Pattern: Ann Norling - kids top-down raglan
Yarn used: Cascasde Eco Wool from

Details: Size, Age 4. This sweater is for donation to the Dulaan Project 2007. I wanted to use up some stash yarn for this great charity.

Monday, July 10, 2006

I knit up the Widdershins sock pattern from the new Knitty; I am impressed! These deconstructed toe-up socks turned out really well. I decided to use Cascade Fixation because the gauge is a little larger than other socks yarns. The foot is only 54 sts around. They are turning out great, I'm glad I had this yarn on hand. My only suggestion is that when you do the toe cast on, don't start with a knotted slip stitch, you can feel the knot at the toe tip. My alteration was to make these k3, p1 ribbed. After the heel turn 2 stitches had to be added to keep the pattern, another fabulous alternative is to take the 6 sts that would be on each side and turn them into a cable! Next time!

This weekend was pretty busy, Friday night was my manager's wedding - it was really fun and beautiful too. I got to take home the big elaborate flower centerpiece, but Sunday I ended up having an allergy attack all day and we had to put it on the balcony.

Saturday we did a 26 mile bike ride on the Iron Horse Trail, it included a 2.5 mile ride through a tunnel. It got pretty dark and drippy in there, cold too. We had bike lights on, it would be nearly impossible otherwise. Afterwards we had pie at the famous restaurant from the TV show Twin Peaks. I had the cherry pie and Jesper had the "Damn good cup of coffee."

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Great weekend sailing to the South Puget Sound. I did lots of sock knitting and bought more sock yarn at Churchmouse Yarns at Eagle Harbor. This trip was super relaxing. Lots of perfect weather and I even got a tan and laid on the beach ... in Washington! We saw a lot of wild life, seals and bald Eagles especially. We even caught some crab. It's great to have a short work week this week as well - a break in itself.

I saw the new Knitty up today, lots and lots of great patterns, funny that two of the patterns are from Eastside (former and current) Stitchers. We are such a motivated group!

I am about done with my Dulaan Project donation sweater. Just a sleeve and collar left to go.

Is it Friday yet??