Monday, March 28, 2005

not so good day

Today seemed to start out fine... lovely breakfast - made it to work on time...

Then I decide to go home for lunch - but needed to stop at Fred Meyer
for food to eat at home... got to the check stand and... no wallet =
no money.
I drove home and back to pay then back home to drop of food - I ended
up grabbing a frozen dinner to eat at work instead.

Driving back to work, I was rear ended when I was about to take a
right turn at a light 1 block from work. I've never been involved in
an accident before. Now that story is out the window... Only minor
damage on my rear. The GMC Suburban that hit me was fine of course. Me
too- I'm OK.
So now I have to spend hours going through insurance claims to get my
back end back to normal. On the bright side... no one was hurt and I
can still knit tonight.

This weekend I sailed with J and Impulsive to Langley, WA. The day began with RAIN. The cure to that was to go shopping! We each got some nice items at Fisheries Supply to keep us extra dry for the weekend. I hadn't planned on adding a green fishermans hat to my wardrobe this season, but that's my style choice for now.

I did get a tiny bit of knitting in,

but not as much as I expected. Since the winds were 15-30 Knots, I wasn't fit to knit with the tiny sea sick feeling you get. I was happier in the cockpit in the rain than down below with the diesel heater. Silly how that is.
When we got to Langley, we headed up the hill from the marina to do the little tour. Most stores were closed for the night, but there was enough light to window-shop and we did manage to go inside the grocery store. Our brilliant dinner idea didn't work so well. Roasted veggies took like 3 hours! We kept poking the potatoes and thought they were still raw, but really they were DRYING OUT! Oh well.
Jandellyn and Johnathan stopped by Impulsive about 11PM to say hi, they live on the island, it's kind of fun to go to visit someone on a boat. Jandellyn though out Port was a little hard to swallow, funny, I think it's devine!

Sunday - less rain and wnd than expected. Really pretty much no rain! Oh yeah - I love auto pilot too.... it's so wonderful. No one else was sailing on the sound, so very easy to manuver our way home. We saw seals and porpises and lots of birds. The grebes made cute noises.

Very relaxing Sunday evening - Very decent dinner too. Watched the movie Ray.

NOW - time to work - so sad the weekend is over - It ended much too quickly.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Today is Waffle Day:

International Waffle Day (March 25) originated in Sweden where it is called Vaffle-dagan. It occurs exactly nine months to the day before Christmas - the day the Archangel Gabriel told the Virgin Mary that she was pregnant. As the holiday progressed, it also began to commemorate the first day of spring. Waffles come into play because on March 25th the women of Sweden would set aside their winter tasks like chopping wood and knitting, and began their spring tasks… the most notable of which was preparing waffles.

Yes - today I set aside knitting (and chopping wood?!) for waffles. Actually, waffles with strawberries and whipped cream.

Tomorrow we will sail the Puget Sound, most likely in a little rain. I guess I bought fancy rubber boots for a reason.

Last night I made carrot cake cupcakes - the frosting is so yummy. I knew it was so, when I went to the mirror and saw it on my face.

On the knitting front - I am back to where I ripped from with the correct cable pattern on "Cable-8." It looks great! I might get it done this weekend if I'm crazy that way.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

I've decided to do the Redmond Ridge 5K. It looks pretty fun. I am convinced that in order to get myself motivated to run for excercise, I must signup for a 5K. Maybe I'll just always keep one looming on the horizon, so I won't get lazy.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Knits Corrections for Spring 2005: "Cable-Eight Top (page 66)

The cable pattern printed in the Stitch Guide is incorrect. The correct pattern is as follows:
4/2 Cable: (worked over 6 sts) Sl 4 sts onto cn and hold in front, k2, return 2 purl sts from end of cn back to left needle, p2 returned sts, k2 from cn."

I just spent the evening knitting this and now have to rip back to row 7. Phoey!

Here it is - now am going to take it apart.

I do love my new Cascade Sierra yarn - color 43 - It is quite lovely to work with AND had gauge on the size 11 needles the pattern suggests.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Last night I skipped Purlygirls to chill at home and clean up a little. I added a drumstick onto the chicken hat and found myself dreading the next. So, no rush on finishing - I don't like torture. I was impressed the directions are perfect.
I tried to get another row in on my shawl and I am still stuck. I have the right # of stitches, but then when I do the pattern repeats, it's off. My only theory now is that I am on the wrong side of the work. Even though I swear I am on the correct row. Phoey. It takes a half hour to knit one row! Erg....

I also read. I really haven't done that much lately. I'm reading about the Fastnet Race that ran into Force 10 winds (Imagine the Perfect Storm with sailing boats involved.)

Tonight I will have some much needed exercise. I think I am breaking out from the corned beef - it's a greasy food. I also had a "Fat Burger" for lunch yesterday. No more greasy food for a while...

Monday, March 21, 2005

I have decided to share some of my BEST recipes with you all....

Diana's Yummiest Recipes
Not such a good knitting weekend. I made it about 6 repeats of the cable pattern on Steffi when I realized I was supposed to be doing waist shaping every 6 rows. RIP!

Saturday night I had a great time swing dancing at a special event at the Washington Dance Club. The live band and dance performances were so fun. I am hoping to learn the Lindy Hop someday - what a blast. I think it is more my style than salsa dancing.

Sunday morning got so stormy and windy! It was pretty exciting being on Impulsive, hearing the wind howl through the rigging. I kind of missed it when I was back in my quiet condo.

I also came up with this crafty, free card idea. I bet it's been done before - but I thought it would work well for a housewarming card. With the paint colors and all :) Jen was the first recipient of it. All you do is overlap the paper and run it through the sewing machine! I got these colors from Rodda.

Friday, March 18, 2005

I started on "Steffi" last night after eating Corned Beef and Cabbage and J began sewing up his Sunbrella material for his jib sail cover.
Steffi is a super easy cable. you just use the cable needle every 8 rows. The rest is back and forth. I am not thrilled about a reverse stockinetter sweater, but I think the cable is so interesting, that it will be quite nice. This sweater will be very pretty to wear to work. From the looks of the model, I think I'll be making the sleeves longer. For some reason I am tempted to start the sleeves just to have something supremely mindless to work on. I will do them at the same time, since mindlessness leads to forgetting to increase at the right time.

I know tonight is the weekend, but it's going to rain and what I'm really looking forward to is NEXT weekend. We're going on Impulsive's first overnight trip of the year. Actually... I'm excited to make carrot cake in easter bunny rabbit cupcake papers with spring colored sprinkles.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

This is Rowan's "Steffi" - this is what I cast on with my JoSharp yarn at lunch today.

This morning I started Corned Beef and Cabbage in the slow cooker, I went home at noon to add the cabbage. The hallway smells of cooking - from my condo! I hate that... I moved the slow-cooker into the bathroom and turned on the fan. I hope it's respectable when I get home tonight. The slow-cooker makes yummy meals, but it's weird coming home to a house that reeks of food, it's like someone else has been hanging out in my house all day making my dinner. That's never happened to me before, so it's a little eerie.
2nd attampt at posting this...

My Syncopated Ribs Sweater is no more... I ripped it out completely last night after Eastside Stitchers...

I was not as experienced with yarn choices last year and thought that I could make a 4 st/in yarn into a 4.5 st/in yarn. It just doesn't look good. This yarn (Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran) is just too nice to mess up.
I have another pattern from Rowan I will use this yarn for and it will be much better. So sad - all those hours, maybe 24, that I spent on this, then no sweater. I am glad to move on.

Also out of all this frustration I figured out how to adjust my tension on the ribbing - I hate how the last k st looks so fat and stretched out. Maybe Stitching and Bitching is constructive!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


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Now - you all better not forget to leave me comments sometimes too!

Yesterday I worked on Syncopated Ribs Morning Noon and Night - but only a few rows at a not much news other than I am increasing for the sleeves every row. All other projects on hold for now.

After work I tried Innebandy = Swedish Floor Hockey.

It was really fun and I liked protecting the goal. Maybe 8 years of Full-back in Soccer paid off. I think I'll play again next Tuesday. It's a great workout and I'm the only girl on the court - the rest are Swedish men. The funny thing about these guys is they play so quiet! no cheering, no yeah! Tap the stick on the floor 3 times when a goal is made, sometimes. When I missed a shot - I said "Shit!" When someone made a good goal, I peeped "Yeah!" It's not like they are really serious about the sport, everyone smiles and bounces around - just no uncontrolled exclamations in this game. I managed to make it without a high stick penalty. I remember that was my problem with this sport in middle school. Fun times!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I am up to the armpit on my Syncopated Ribs Sweater from Interweave. This one will be a quick project since it's on 10.5 needles. I am using the stitch markers Janell gave me for my birthay on this.
I can wait to keep working on this. Too bad the weater is too warm for this sweater. I like how it's all one piece and I will only seam the underarms and sides. My worry is that this sweater is Ivory colored and will get dirty. I am using Jo Sharp yarn, so it wasn't cheap.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Well - it's picture time!!

Clapotis is done! I made it half as wide as the regular pattern. It saved half my sanity! Anyway - I'd make this again - in a year maybe... I'm looking forward to wearing it. I wouldn't want it any bulkier or wider for sure.

And I am still working on the little sailor outfit. This maybe my next focus.

And the chicken viking hat - turned adult size is done - EXCEPT for the drumsticks... The picking up stitches part is going to be annoying. The funny thing about this hat is when I tried it on, it looks like I'm wearing a pink baby helmet - odd...

The big news today - I ran the St. Paddy's Day Dash 5K. Well, I walked a little too... but everyone else ran the whole thing. Here we are all siily early this morning.

Now my face is all pink from this weekend - it was so warm and sunny. We sailed a little yesterday on Lake Union and that was pretty cool. The wind was fast.

Friday, March 11, 2005

I just ordered this from Adagio Teas today - isn't it cool!!

I am on the home stretch (Section 4) for Clapotis after lunch today...
Oh how exciting.... I won't be ready to knit this again until November... perfect airplane project.
Still working on Clapotis and half way done on the viking chicken hat.

This weekend I expect to finish both! egads!

Went salsa dancing last night after dinner on the boat followed by knitting.

I think this next week will be rewarding for knitting - finishing 2 projects will get me motivated. Not like I'm not motivated...

I also tried this new crafty thing called liquid Sculpey. you paint it on paper, bake it and peel of the paper so that only the image is left on the material. I think it's neat, but next practice will be a thinner coat of the stuff. It's not exactly cheap either. The end plan is to create a cool collage painting for my wall on a canvas.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Started another project tonight... the Viking Chicken Hat - my gauge is bigger so instead of this being a baby hat - it is naturally becoming adult sized on it's own. I'm not sure I am a fan of cotton, it seems to make it's own gauge. It's not smooth and stretchy like wool. I am a wool lover at heart.

Other stuff... I am frogging my Syncopated Ribs sweater - my gauge is too big.

I got this yarn on clearance at Ben Franklin today. I had bought this same yarn last year - back when I didn't realize 1 ball isn't enough to make anything. Still no plans for it - but at least there is potential.

Here is Jesper's progress... MAYBE he'll come to a Stitch N' Bitch meeting someday - he's got big sweater plans already.
Who's up for a challenge? These socks with a celtic design repeating are pretty keen!
I found this Adagio Teas - Water Kettle and I think it's so cool- I hope they can restock it soon. I'm willing to replace my old kettle with this one. Since I met Jesper, I've been drink massive more amounts of tea than ever.

Now I need a tea cooler that is in place of milk. Sometimes it's hard to make it through breakfast quickly with HOT tea. I don't want to water it down with ice. Maybe I need to transfer the steeped tea to a chilled mug? Summer IS coming.
I am shown in ChicKnits : Gallery Ribby - I wish my eyes were that blue!

Last night I worked a tiny bit on my sailor baby onesy...

But most work was on Jen's chair cushions that we finished - wow - that was a big project. We even made the trim from scratch. She owew me a photo soon. We started this last July! It seems to have taken 3-4 evenings to get through. It really looks nice though.

Monday, March 07, 2005

LOTS of knitting this weekend...

Friday night I started on the cutest little sailor onesy from a Vouge book. I think it might be too cute to give away - We'll see what little boy baby gets it.

Saturday Christine & I spent the entire afternoon knitting in Seattle. We started at Weaving Works, then had lunch with J and knitted, then were on the way home, when we saw a happy hour sign at Aqua Verde. So we knit more with two margaritas each. Then they kicked us out for not ordering food. Oh well... we were leaving anyway! LOT'S of work done on Clapotis.

That night I sent to listen to Charles's band "The Brooke Pennock Band" with J and J. Jesper was interested in what all the hype was with the knitting.. Jen and I were both knitting at the bar - I got him started, WITH Continental style and he was off and running. He has a near perfect swatch going! He read the section in S&B about the boyfriend sweater curse and understands that I am reluctant. He seems interested in making one himself! Maybe I'll task him with a pair of fuzzy feet to ramp up for sweater skills.

Friday, March 04, 2005

I bought this Split-Cam on for TWICE the price as it is here! Lame - Oh well, it was cheap anyway.

Now for the fun photos...

I just got myself these sunglasses today... I am now protected with Polarized lenses. These will come in especially handy when the sun is reflecting off the water when I am sailing this summer.
I got a late birthday gift from Janell Wednesday. Natural colored Cascade 200 + Kool-Aid to dye it with! This will be an exciting experiment - I will be plotting it out and will eventually give it a shot. I think I am leaning toward baby sweater from the unknown results...
This seems to be the year of the baby in my group of friends. There is one wedding though. Now that I think of it, I wonder if anyone has ever identified the wedding reception curse? Like the sweater curse. I know 2 couples (me included) that the day after a wedding, we broke up. Funny it was the same wedding... I hope that doesn't happen again - maybe it's just a good test of a relationship and how insecure the guy is about seeing other people wed.

Back to knitting....

I snapped a quick photo this morning of how Clapotis is coming along.
I am making it half as wide. I think I am very happy about that. It's so soft and the stitch drops are exciting.

I also got a scarf rack for my wall by the front door - so I will actually be wearing scarves more often how that I see them before I go outside. I am looking forward to seeing some more impressive work hanging from the wall - it's like a knitting show.

Last night J & I cut and sewed curtains for his boat - TEN curtains. Whew! I never knew I'd have a boyfriend who would be sewing with my Deluxe 70's Singer.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I am getting ready to Eat a Mango...

Well actually I am going to make a Strawberry Mango Smoothie - if it's delicious. I'll post the recipe.

Now I need a mango.

MANGO! remember that Saturday Night Live skit? So funny.
I've joined the Cable-8 Along

I HOPE cotton fleece works for this - I could use my gift certificate to Weaving Works (THANKS ANGELA!) for this...

AND Clapotis-Along

Maybe I just want to belong...

Now I need to finish eating so I can go knit on my lunch break!!
I got my yarn from yesterday. Oh silly me - I didn't buy enough yarn for Clapotis... I've figured out how to make it not as wide though. I thought it looked to wide anyway! Good motivation to get it the way I'd prefer. I'm not sure I am happy with the color combo, but the yarn is so soft, I forgive it and am sure it will grow on me. It will look good for summer and with a jean jacket.

I also got some tape yarn for Carla from Rowan and it is supposed to be "graphite" but looks "denim" to me.

Last night I helped Jen work on recovering her chair cushions. We made the fabric covered piping and found out how perfect the amounts of fabric we bought were - so close there is hardly any excess, it was a little too close for comfort though. We are just too good at math!